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January 29, 2008 12:09 ET

Financial Crossing Expands Its Liability Management Services With the Launch of Liability Health Check

New Service Identifies Risks and Opportunities of a Consumer Debt Portfolio, Including Mortgages and Credit Cards, Providing Actionable Advice on Restructuring for Best Outcome

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - January 29, 2008) - Financial Crossing, Inc. (, the leader in liability management solutions, today announced the launch of its "Liability Health Check" service, designed to enhance and expand the current offerings of financial institutions and professionals. The Liability Health Check enables financial institutions and professionals to provide mortgage and liability portfolio analysis and advice that help consumers understand the financial risk of their current mortgage, home equity and other debts; what is likely to happen to their payments if no action is taken; and options to improve their debt situation according to their needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Once the Liability Health Check identifies areas that can be improved, new options can be implemented with the click of a button. The solution not only drives a consultative approach to sales by offering multiple, clearly explained options that are specifically designed to meet clients' needs and circumstances, but also improves the quality of loan transactions. Several leading lenders are evaluating deploying Financial Crossing's solution to proactively help their adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and Option ARM customers improve their debt structure prior to interest rate resets and/or negative amortization.

"Having been in the lending business for more than 30 years, I have never seen a more simple and powerful approach to helping consumers on their debt portfolio," said Joe Atab, CEO and President of 1st City Bancorp, an early adopter of Financial Crossing's solutions, including the Liability Health Check. "The timing of this service is great as it allows the lenders and borrowers not only to build consumer confidence and loyalty but to quickly identify relative risk and opportunities for new loans and refinancing options."

Already in use by select financial advisors, mortgage professionals and customers such as AIG Bank, the Liability Health Check service provides clients with a comprehensive view of their current liabilities, including mortgages, credit card debt and other consumer loans. By gathering information about current liabilities, and individual needs and goals, the Liability Health Check determines if there is a risk in suitability of the loans or an opportunity for improvement. The system runs a suitability analysis, ensuring that the current debt is appropriate given the client's goals and risk tolerance and provides actionable advice to reduce monthly debt payments by rearranging and reallocating debt and ensuring the client has the most competitive loan products.

"In today's increasingly challenging credit and mortgage environment, clients need objective advice on their mortgages and liabilities. With the Liability Health Check, financial institutions and professionals now have an effective tool with which to communicate the associated risks and benefits of an individual's debt situation," said Adrian Nazari, President and CEO of Financial Crossing. "In addition, the Liability Health Check enables our customers to further strengthen their client relationships. Clients can feel confident knowing that they have the most appropriate portfolio of loan products available and that their portfolio is continuously being monitored by their financial advisor."

The Liability Health Check draws on the insight at the core of Liability Manager, the flagship product of Financial Crossing. Liability Manager's patent-pending technology is built on financial science to analyze a client's financial situation and objectives against market indicators and lenders' real-time eligibility guidelines, pricing and rates.

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