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Digital Signage Made Simple

November 18, 2014 09:00 ET

Financial Institutions Bank on Industry Weapon's Digital Signage

Digital Signage Alleviates Customer Wait Times and Enhances Overall Experiences

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - November 18, 2014) - Industry Weapon, experts in simplifying and advancing the applications of digital signage, now offers a solution for financial institutions struggling with onsite communications.

Each day, more financial institutions recognize the immense benefits of digital signage in marketing plans. Banks know the key to success is branding, and the key to branding is digital signage. Digital signage works in tandem with employees, allowing them to relay core company messages to customers. Digital signage showcases company goals, accomplishments, community service initiatives, and decreases perceived wait times.

A step beyond branding is spectacular customer service treatment. A positive in-branch experience directly correlates with bank customer loyalty. Used to inform viewers about events and attractions, digital signage drives guests to areas of the site that they would have otherwise overlooked. Displays can be localized to fit exact demographics, eliminating the common issue of marketing to the wrong people.

Long wait times are sometimes unavoidable, but that wait is made useful with digital signage. The screens cut the boredom and irritation of waiting while marketing the brand and entertaining audiences. Digital Signage reduces perceived wait times in offices by as much as 50%.1 Digital signage also has ability to dynamically change eye-catching content, attracting and new and long term customers.

"Banks using digital signage on site in innovative ways are seeing a lot of positive results from their in store customer experience."
-Ashley Ropar, Director of Marketing, Industry Weapon

Digital signage also manages to generate sales from both new and existing customers. It highlights latest products and services on high-definition digital displays. In fact, experts indicate only 1 in 100 bank visitors make product inquiries.2 Digital signage introduces customers to these opportunities before they meet with their bankers. It familiarizes them with the concepts, so they're more likely to consider investing.

It's not just about the customers: Digital signage impacts employees as well. Managers can modify entire messaging campaigns throughout the week, creating the displays they know will best fit their customers. This gives branch associates a more prominent role within their office. After hours, digital signage can be utilized as a training tool for employees. Digital signage relays corporate communications and displays educational videos.

Customers expect the best from their banks: The best introduction period, the best in-branch experience, and the best long-term results. Satisfied customers become loyal brand advocates, the greatest prize for any financial institution. Incorporating digital signage into financial institutions achieves these goals and sets even higher ones.

Industry Weapon (, a digital media company, specializes in simplifying and advancing the applications of digital signage. The SaaS solution enables subscribers to design, schedule and publish multimedia content and integrated data sources to screens, kiosks, tablets and mobile devices. Industry Weapon's solution is suited for all industries and includes 24/7 free training and support along with design and creative services.

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