Financial Trading School

Financial Trading School

April 15, 2015 11:42 ET

Financial Trading School's Brian Nguyen Takes Partnership with Diversified Options Banc

FTS Founder Brian Nguyen becomes equity partner and Director of Platform and Education in binary options brokerage firm Diversified Options Banc. Nguyen promises change in the industry that will create a better trading environment.

RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 15, 2015) - Financial trader and entrepreneur Brian Nguyen, the man behind Financial Trading School (, announced today that he has purchased a 34% stake in Diversified Options Banc (

Nguyen has also been appointed the Director of Platform and Education for Diversified Options University, a new financial trading school operated by Diversified Options Banc that will teach aspiring traders how to make smarter trades.

As Nguyen was the founder of his own financial trading school, it would seem to be a conflict of interest to take on a position with a rival school that teaches the same subject - binary options trading. And although a number of institutions have asked him to create a binary options curriculum in the past, Nguyen has always declined. His company, Financial Trading School, offers a variety of educational materials on binary options, and creating a curriculum for another website would constitute a conflict of interest.

However, Nguyen says that Diversified Options University will not compete with the Financial Trading School.

"This new binary options curriculum isn't for an online school," he says. "It's for a physical school. This is an important distinction. Diversified Options University will open a physical campus in Richmond Hill, Ontario in Q3 of this year. The new curriculum that I'm designing will be implemented in DOU's physical classes at the Richmond Hill campus. And since FTS doesn't have a physical campus, this new curriculum isn't designed for the same market as the Financial Trading School curriculum."

Nguyen says that creating a curriculum for a physical school has long been an important dream for him, and now, he has the opportunity to pursue it. Through Diversified Options Banc, he's planning to revolutionize the financial trading process and create a better environment for financial traders.

"As the Director of Platform and Education the DOB trading platform will fall under my purview, and I intend to overhaul it," he says. "As a trader, I know how frustrating it is to use existing systems. Today's financial traders, myself included, don't enjoy working with their brokers - we only trade with brokers because we don't have a better option. That's because offering a better experience is a conflict of interest for brokers. As a broker, I aim to change that."

Nguyen says that his changes to the platform would make it easier to use and give traders more power.

"The reason I bought a 34% stake is because I want to have a strong voting presence in order to better advocate on behalf of traders. As a trader myself, I know how frustrating it is to use broker-controlled systems. My vision for DOB and DOU will see traders have more power in the process, which I believe will create a better trading experience."

Nguyen says that with the changes he's planning to introduce, financial traders everywhere - beginner, intermediate, and veteran - will have access to a better trading environment. He intends to support and educate traders at every level, and his new position will enable him to do just that.

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