June 28, 2015 23:24 ET

Financial Union - Assumes Leading Role in Personal and Corporate Insurance Services

REISTERSTOWN, MD--(Marketwired - Jun 28, 2015) - In an era where "sameness" is the name of the game among independent insurance agencies, Financial Union, Inc. is plotting a different path: The Maryland-based company is taking a fresh perspective in order to provide both personal and corporate clients with the very best in insurance services. To do so, the company has recently engaged a carefully planned process of continuous rate comparison in order to ensure that customers only receive the best price -- a unique approach that distinctively sets them apart from competitors.

Financial Union, Inc. has been in business since 1997 and has gained a stellar reputation in the greater Baltimore area. Aware of the need for the establishment of a market leader in corporate and personal insurance providers, the firm has rededicated its efforts in order to maintain that leading role. The expert team of accountants and consultants goes beyond fulfilling their role as a service provider, but rather strives to establish their firm as a community leader, well aware that this type of proactive intermediary activity has been found to benefit the overall economy at both, the national and international levels [source:].

As major insurance providers are intent on competing for business, Financial Union, Inc. believes in a constant process of comparison, which enables the company to analyze and capitalize upon the fruits of that competition. This level of versatility is quite rare among independent insurance agents in Maryland and across the United States and has helped Financial Union to achieve the best combination of services, coverage, and price available on the market. Due to this ongoing process, the company is not only able to pinpoint insurance providers from a cost perspective, but can also closely monitor the reputation of those companies. While receiving coverage at a competitive rate point is important, it is equally crucial to know how these providers process claims. It is imperative to be aware whether any losses that may be encountered in the future are likely to be dealt with as efficiently as possible, which is why the overall efficiency of those company claim departments is constantly monitored.

Financial Union, Inc. prides itself in providing one-to-one service at its best, both at the personal and corporate level. Independent agents are placed to determine and assess risks that consumers face when engaged in this type of personal interaction, which enables the agency to give the customer a fully objective analysis of their risks, and an overview over products that are available in the marketplace. In life and in business it is important to work only with service organizations that are financially strong and have a good reputation, a philosophy that especially applies to the insurance industry. Financial Union firmly believes that to be a local industry leader they need to deal with the best insurance carriers, consequently only the top insurance companies are selected during a careful process at the agency's Reisterstown, MD headquarters.

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