August 01, 2015 20:54 ET

Financial Union, Inc. - Helps Clients Navigate in QuickBooks™

REISTERSTOWN, MD--(Marketwired - Aug 1, 2015) - Over 3,000,000 small businesses are currently using QuickBooks™ for their bookkeeping and accounting needs. Though many of those users will hail the program as relatively easy to use, few feel they have truly mastered the software and are really getting all that they are paying for. Financial Union, Inc. has set out on a mission to change that perception: With customized, hands-on, and enterprise-specific training, the company aims to help clients navigate opportunities presented by QuickBooks™, optimizing their investment and maximizing their mastery.

Once training is complete, owners and managers have a much greater understanding of which features are essential to success and which are superfluous to their small business. "Leadership is armed with more than a manual or a hotline. They want solutions and strategies that are streamlined to their corporate culture and vision, and that's what we deliver," explained one of the leading Financial Union, Inc. experts who has been dedicated to train his staff on the latest accounting and bookkeeping software available on the market. Furthermore, clients are educated on the inherent safeguards and security features QuickBooks™ users can take advantage.

"Businesses not only learn how to circumvent risks, but can also take advantage of numerous opportunities that are made possible by the tools and features inside of QuickBooks™, which can empower them to make projections and compile reports," the dedicated Financial Union advisors continues. "This in turn helps evaluate options more effectively and attract potential investors and other sources of outside funding, offering potential resources that could spur growth and capture market share."

Financial Union, Inc. recommends that organizations evaluate their current corporate "fluency" with QuickBooks™ and determine the best course of action. Are too many hours being wasted by users who hit brick walls and dead ends trying to navigate the software themselves? Do current administrative settings leave the organization vulnerable to internal financial threats and risks? From fast one-time answers at an affordable fee to more elaborate on-site, personalized training protocols, the company stands by their mission of developing professional solutions for small businesses. By pairing their QuickBooks™ expertise with the latest technology, the company is also able to deliver hybrid training sessions that are tailored to the organization without the cost of on-site visits, meaning small businesses do not have to be in a regional radius to take advantage of their training expertise.

QuickBooks™ training is not the only solution offered by Financial Union, Inc. Armed with the knowledge that the average consumer and small business owner is too busy and overwhelmed to handle the minutiae of financial management, the company has developed an extensive network of financial professionals into one organization, putting experts in real estate, finance, insurance, accounting, and taxes at the disposal of their clients.

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