March 17, 2015 04:46 ET

Financial Union Inc. Is the Leading Advisor in Personal and Corporate Insurance Matters

REISTERSTOWN, MD--(Marketwired - Mar 17, 2015) - Established in 2008, Financial Union Inc. has managed to prove itself as one of the top advisors on both personal and corporate insurance matters. Promising and delivering professionalism, quality and responsiveness to each of its clients, the firm's performance is setting itself apart from competitors. As a result, countless individuals and businesses have been relying on the firm's competent, insightful advice and high quality service for years.

For individuals, Financial Union offers three services: Personal Financial Planning, Estate Planning and Elder Care. Through personal financing planning, the firm gives clients an opportunity to prepare for a comfortable retirement or achieve investment goals. Clients with families are advised on how to create savings plans for funding their children's education, protecting their families in the case of disability, and leaving a legacy for their heirs. As for estate planning, clients receive comprehensive assistance with living wills and trusts, wealth transfers, family partnerships, and asset liquidation if the need to cover taxes arises. Finally, through elder care, the firm assists the elderly or their family members with daily finances and business duties such as reviewing and paying bills, creating an inventory of assets and investments, and providing referrals to local services.

Companies benefit from Financial Union Inc.'s broad range of services for executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs interested in establishing non-profit or for-profit organizations. Small businesses can hire the firm's certified public accountants for tasks such payroll, audits, reviews and compilations, and cash flow management, while mid-sized business owners can take advantage of the staff's skills using QuickBooks, an affordable accounting software that streamlines the bookkeeping process, generates informative reports, and supports credit card services. Moreover, the acclaimed corporate insurance provider offers its expertise in establishing new businesses, preparing business plans, identifying necessary resources, and preparing budgets. 

Financial Union does not limit its offerings to personal and corporate services: Through its Tax Services, the firm helps individuals and businesses with tax preparation and planning and assist clients facing tax issues such as non-filed tax returns, IRS wage garnishment, bankruptcy, and IRS liens. Each tax-related case is handled confidentially and with utmost care, ensuring no costly mistakes are made that could develop into legal problems with the IRS. Complementing these services are the resources available through the Tax Center, which include up-to-date tax due dates, a tax refund tracking tool, email reminders of import tax deadlines, and a 1040 tax calculator. 

Since its inception, Financial Union Inc. has provided individuals, executives and businesses with a wide range of services that help them protect their assets as well as thrive financially. Its knowledgeable staff of certified public accountants collectively boasts decades of experience in each of the firm's service areas, helping businesses save time and resources while automating different aspects such as bookkeeping and generating reports.

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