March 26, 2015 19:46 ET

Financial Union Inc. Offers Expert Tax Coaching to Minimize IRS Payments

REISTERSTOWN, MD--(Marketwired - Mar 26, 2015) - Renowned personal and corporate insurance advisor, Financial Union Inc., is prepared for this year's tax season by offering expert coaching to individuals and businesses alike. While certified tax specialists proffer their expertise on tax preparation, planning and problem solving, the firm aims at educating taxpayers in order to minimize IRS payments and uncover hidden tax deductions.

In the monthly online newsletter, Financial Union publishes interesting articles which detail changes taxpayers should be aware of in 2015. February's edition 'Your Taxes and the Affordable Care Act' explained new tax regulations and highlighted that taxpayers with healthcare insurance need to complete tax forms 1095-B and 1095-C if they were enrolled through their employers, private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, while individuals without health care should fill and submit Form 8965 regardless of whether or not they qualify for an exemption.

Another resource Financial Union Inc. offers to educate taxpayers is a cutting-edge Tax Center. This online portal features important information such as current tax due dates and rates, and guides on how long to maintain financial records. Tax Center also includes all IRS and state tax forms and publications, allowing individuals and businesses to quickly view and print all forms they require. Special perks are a range of handy tools such as the 1040 Tax Estimator, Free Tax Organizer, and Tax Due Date Reminders. With these taxpayers can easily calculate how much approximately they need to pay for the tax year, uncover important deductions, and receive email alerts of tax deadlines a week beforehand. As a result, filing tax returns turns into a quick and hassle-free process.

To ensure that all forms are submitted on time and successfully, clients can take advantage of the firm's expert tax services. During the tax preparation, diligent accountants double-check clients' tax returns, and file them electronically. For businesses, the Financial Union team provides guidance on adjusting payroll withholding to get more money back, calculates potential deductions, which can reduce their tax liability the following year, and helps businesses to successfully and legally limit their tax liability. Through its tax saving strategies, Financial Union assists clients in reducing taxes on estate, gifts, investments and retirement distributions. Individuals or businesses that encounter tax-related challenges with the IRS can turn to the firm's experienced team, which handles issues such as IRS audit representation, liens and wage garnishments for them.

A leading financial and accounting services provider, Financial Union Inc. has successfully assisted hundreds of individuals and businesses with tax preparation and planning. Its dedicated specialists are well versed in U.S. taxation rules and regulations and are frequently called upon to solve even complex tax situations. In addition to that, Financial Union offers individual and business services such as personal financial planning, estate planning, small business accounting, and part-time CFO services.

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