Money Debt and Credit

March 17, 2011 04:01 ET

Find Out How Your Personal Debt Stacks Up With Money Debt and Credit

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 17, 2011) - Money Debt and Credit, one of the UK's leading financial solution companies, have today launched a web-based initiative which aims to provide helpful personal debt information to the general public.

Following the release of their visually appealing infographic, entitled 'The UK Debt Problem', Money Debt and Credit's new creation ventures down the ever-popular interactive route.

'The UK Debt List' is a comparison engine allowing the user to analyse their personal debt level, relative to the average amount owed by an individual in the UK. Visually represented by two piles of coins, the user can see how their debts 'stack up' against the average figure. Not only does this easy-to-use tool deliver appropriate advice for the facts submitted, but the page also contains data which highlights the ongoing personal debt problems which many people currently face in the UK.

As the general public start 2011 facing collective economic pressures such as high inflation and the rise in VAT, it's no surprise that 80 per cent of adults are concerned about debt, savings and the 'control of their money'.

Money Debt & Credit's latest initiative aims to ease consumer's concerns by providing individuals with an informative snapshot of the current state of their debt levels and relevant advice if help is required.

Money Debt and Credit is a leading provider of financial solutions offering a one-stop service to consumers on a range of products including Debt Management Plans, IVA's, Full and Final Settlements and Secured Loans.

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