January 04, 2011 11:00 ET

Finding a Spouse or Partner Takes More Effort Than Most People Realize, According to Pat Muir, Author of "The Numbers Man"

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - January 4, 2011) - People looking for love should meet as many people as possible according to Pat Muir, author of "The Numbers Man," a comedic novel -- published by PMBOOK -- about a retired geophysicist seeking a partner by means of Internet dating services. Muir claims finding a good life partner is the most important decision one can make in life. If you can spend four years to educate yourself at university, you should be prepared to spend a similar time to realize a long-term loving relationship. Selecting a partner based primarily on sexual compatibility is a mistake.

Muir states that, on average, people need to meet at least thirty reasonable prospects to find a suitable partner. That does not mean that you will find Mr. or Ms. Right after meeting that many prospects, but it is sixty-four percent probable that you will have done so. You could meet sixty prospects and still have a thirteen percent probability of not meeting "The Right One." In Muir's book, his hero's true love is the sixty-first woman.

Muir discusses in his novel how long it takes to meet thirty people, based upon his personal experience. His effective rate of meeting women was one every eighteen days; this means it would take someone, looking seriously, sixteen months on average to find a mate. The process may be speeded up by querying several at the same time, but runs the risk of multiple positive responses. In Muir's novel, the hero does not do this because he remembers names poorly and does not want to call women by the wrong name. Thus, he assigns each a number which he remembers better; this is also a play on the notion that dating is a numbers business.

Muir, a nuclear engineer by training, with graduate degrees from MIT, forayed into searching for a partner after his divorce at age sixty-nine, and came to appreciate the science of Internet dating, discussed in his novel, available for Kindle and Nook download, priced at $5.99. Paperback copies of "The Numbers Man," priced at $7.99, may be purchased from his website, which also contains free sample chapters, independent book reviews and detailed Internet dating statistics.

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