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February 21, 2013 12:00 ET

Finding the Right Pet Food for Your Healthy Pet

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 21, 2013) - Pets are just as important as any other family members and as such, you want to make sure they're happy and healthy. Meal time brings our pets so much joy, but it's important that their food not only tastes good but is also fueling their bodies and giving them all the nutrition they need.

To find the food that's right for your pet you have to know where to look. Pet food is available at grocery stores, mass chain retailers and specialty pet stores. Pet store staff are well trained in the products they sell, and can help find a wide range of premium foods.

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When buying pet food, the first thing to do is look at the order of ingredients listed on the label. Since they must be listed by weight, if fresh meat or a named meat meal (like chicken meal) is listed first, you can feel confident about the food's quality.

Different food brands suggest different serving sizes for dogs. Some economy brands use inexpensive ingredients that aren't easily digested causing many health-building nutrients to pass right through your pet's system. This means you have to feed more of the lower quality food to provide your pet with the same nutrition as a smaller amount of premium food.

When comparing feeding guidelines on the label, pay attention to which foods are more nutrient-dense. For example, GO FIT AND FREE Adult Recipe by Petcurean recommends two cups daily. The serving size of a leading grocery store brand increases that to 3.5 cups per day. Never over feed your pet in order to achieve their daily intake of nutrients. Instead, go with a high quality, nutrient-dense option for your pet, like from Petcurean.

It's important to consider your dog or cat's breed, weight, activity level and any health issues such as allergies or joint and hip issues. There are specialized foods out there to meet these needs as well.

We love and cherish our pets and want the best for them. The joy they get from the little things in life -- a treat, playing ball, going for a walk -- they teach us so much and it's important we take the best possible care of them.

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