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June 25, 2008 00:00 ET

FindWhere Launches New Security Services for Mobile Phone Users

Location Based Services for Cell Phones on the Rise, Providing Portable Peace of Mind

POTOMAC FALLS, VA--(Marketwire - June 25, 2008) - FindWhere, a pioneer and global leader of real-time GPS location tracking, today announced the launch of a new location tracking service for the mobile phone. The new service transforms cell phones into easy-to-use GPS tracking and locating devices, putting peace of mind in the palm of the consumer.

Since 2002, FindWhere has specialized in GPS tracking through state-of-the-art devices and proven web-based platforms. By offering these trusted services on mobile phones, FindWhere offers families and businesses a solution to keep track of what matters most. Using the new mobile service, a person can see the exact, current location of their mobile device, and where it has been. Included with the service are advanced features such as speed reports, no-go/safe zone notifications, and panic alerts.

"Offering mobile, location-based security and social features is a natural progression, not just for FindWhere, but for families, organizations, and cellular carriers," said Jaap Groot, CEO of FindWhere. "Everybody has a cell phone -- they're not just talking, either -- and everybody wants peace of mind. We want to equip people with simple, sophisticated tools that help keep them and their loved ones safe and connected with each other."

The proliferation of location services stems from rapid increase in diverse mobile services. According to a March 2008 report ( by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 58 percent of adults "have used a cell phone or PDA for non-voice data activities such as texting, emailing, taking a picture, looking for maps or directions, or recording video."

FindWhere's mobile service enables family members to know the current and past location of children, spouses and elderly parents. Similarly, the services make it possible for enterprise owners to keep track of personnel and property. In terms of business security, such services not only provide safety for assets and employees, but also reduce costs associated with travel, and improve customer satisfaction.

People who use the new service will be notified via text message or email when pre-set parameters are exceeded. For example, speed reports can track when a teenager (or employee) is driving beyond a specified speed limit, and notifications include when and where the driver was and how fast he/she was going. "No go/safe zones," also known as geofences, track arrivals and departures from designated geographic areas, such as a neighborhood or specific facility. The panic button is a feature that alerts important contacts in emergency situations.

"Peace of mind on the go helps you play it safe by preparing for circumstances beyond anyone's control," said Melanie Davidson, FindWhere's Director of Marketing. "Speed alerts not only encourage safe driving -- and thereby insurance discounts -- but also save lives. The same value stems from safe zone and panic alerts, which keep an ear to the ground for elderly parents and children of all ages."

Location sharing can be determined through GPS chips on smart phones. FindWhere's mobile service works on any GSM mobile network operator around the world, and on select Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile phones. In order to take advantage of FindWhere's location tracking services, phones must be GPS-enabled and on GSM networks (in the U.S. that includes AT&T and T-Mobile).

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About FindWhere:

Founded in 2002, FindWhere has transformed the complexity of advanced GPS, satellite mapping, and wireless communication into a down-to-earth and straightforward application to provide peace of mind to consumers and businesses with precision tracking and location services. Location isn't just about directions and maps, it's about staying connected and keeping track of what matters most. FindWhere delivers advanced features and functionality in an accurate and easy to use solution to offer parents & families safety and security in knowing the location of their loved ones and businesses an improved bottom-line with asset monitoring and remote workforce management.

FindWhere is led by a team of veteran executives with extensive wireless, sales and marketing, business development and operational expertise working together to deliver peace of mind solutions. FindWhere is a private company located in Potomac Falls, VA.

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