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April 11, 2007 16:07 ET

Finisar and NEC Join Forces to Eliminate SAN Fabric Blindness

NEC to Offer Finisar's NetWisdom Enterprise Software and High Density Network TAPs

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 11, 2007 -- Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR), a technology leader in fiber-optic and test-and-measurement solutions for high-speed data networks, today announced a strategic partnership with NEC Corporation of America (NECAM), a premier provider of IT, network, and identity management solutions to significantly improve SAN infrastructure reliability to mutual customers. NECAM will integrate Finisar's High Density (HD) fiber-optic TAPs (Traffic Access Points) and NetWisdom Enterprise Solution into its S-Series storage systems offerings. The goal is to help enterprise customers overcome "Fabric Blindness" -- the inability to understand the physical layer transactions and the complex interactions between physical SAN elements.

NEC's S-Series storage systems are designed to deliver exceptional performance, business continuity, high availability, reliability and scalability that meet rapidly evolving business needs. To extend these same benefits to the entire SAN, NECAM offers Finisar's deep visibility into SAN fabrics, to ensure that the entire Fabric is healthy and performing optimally. This insight can help to resolve many issues before they result in application brownouts or outages. Additionally, NECAM has named Finisar as its on-call professional services partner to be dispatched in the event NECAM clients experience issues with their SAN infrastructures.

"Both Finisar and NECAM are dedicated to ensuring uninterrupted data access and application availability in storage networks," said Dave Buse, senior vice president and general manager of Network Tools, Finisar. "This partnership demonstrates our combined commitment to provide critical visibility into network fabrics and give IT administrators the tools they need to confidently implement effective and proactive SAN management."

Disparate and increasingly complex SAN infrastructures, typical in Enterprise datacenters, can make it difficult to determine root causes of service disruptions. Disruptions in the ability of the SAN to consistently deliver, store, and maintain availability of critical information -- such as loss of access to email or remotely available databases -- can lead to reduced end-user productivity and significant loss of revenue.

Together the HD fiber-optic TAP and NetWisdom SAN Availability Solution eliminate fabric blindness, making it possible to identify both the source and cause for network impairments, regardless of network complexity, even in challenging heterogeneous environments. By offering these products with its storage systems, NECAM enables the fast identification and resolution of network impairments to minimize any potential negative impact on businesses' bottom lines. The partnership also extends the long-term monitoring capabilities of NEC's storage systems and their ability to maintain high availability and access to mission critical applications.

"NEC is dedicated to safeguarding our customers by providing them with complete solutions that go beyond storage systems," says Matthew Wolken, vice president of Fault Tolerant Servers and Enterprise Storage, NEC Corporation of America. "With Finisar's HD TAP and NetWisdom SAN Availability Solution in place, issues can be identified seamlessly without the traditional, disruptive exploration usually associated with diagnosing potential network impairments."

Finisar's HD TAPs and NetWisdom SAN Availability Solution are available as part of NEC's S-Series storage solutions. For more information, visit or call 866-632-3226.

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