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August 22, 2007 05:00 ET

Finisar Delivers World's First Narrowly Tunable Long-Reach CML™ Butterfly Transmitters for Metro, Regional, and Long-Haul DWDM Optical Networks

New 10 Gbps Transmitters Offer Long Reach up to 300 km and High Output Power of 4-7 dBm With a 4 to 8 Channel Tuning Range

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - August 22, 2007) - Continuing to lead the drive for innovation in the high-end telecom market, Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR) today announced the completion of Telcordia GR-468 qualification and general availability of its 10 Gbps DM80 and DM200 narrowly tunable CMLTM Butterfly Transmitters for DWDM 300-pin transponders and telecom line card applications. Leveraging the directly modulated Chirp Managed Laser (CML) technology recently acquired by Finisar, the DM80 and DM200 are the world's first narrowly tunable 10 Gbps transmitters to offer long reach and high output power in a 13 pin butterfly package.

Transmission distance and optical output power are important performance parameters of DWDM optical transmitters. For applications requiring the longest reach, the DM200 transmits with an output power of 0 to 3 dBm and can transmit at 10Gbps over distances of 300 km without requiring costly optical dispersion compensation. For applications requiring high output power, the DM80 can transmit distances up to 120 km with an output power of 4-7 dBm.

Narrow tunability is an important differentiator for OEMs developing transponders for DWDM networks. A 40-channel DWDM link using single-wavelength transmitters, for example, requires that OEMs keep an inventory of 40 different lasers. In addition to increased purchasing and inventory management complexity, large numbers of individualized lasers require a longer lead time to replace when inventories run low, forcing OEMs to maintain large component reserves. Fully tunable transmitters, on the other hand, simplify inventory logistics but command the highest price since it requires the combination of an expensive fully tunable laser source and an external modulator. Narrowly tunable transmitters offer the best of inventory simplification and lower cost. Both the DM80 and DM200 transmitters offer narrow tunability at either 4-channel, 100 GHz DWDM spacing or 8-channel, 50 GHz DWDM spacing across both C-band and L-band, thus reducing the supply chain complexity by a factor of 4x or 8x compared to non-tunable sources.

"The production release of the narrowly tunable versions of both DM80 and DM200 shows Finisar's commitment to building on its recent CML technology acquisition," says Dr. Frank Fan, director of marketing at Finisar. "As the only company to offer 10 Gbps long-reach narrow tunability in a standard butterfly box format, Finisar is uniquely positioned to serve the specific needs of the high-end telecom market."

Shipping now, DM80 and DM200 narrowly tunable CML butterfly transmitters are available in production volumes in both 4- and 8-channel spacing at base frequencies ranging from 186,700 GHz to 196,100 GHz. For more information about Finisar's proven networking solutions, visit or contact a Finisar Solution Expert at 1.408.548.1000 or

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