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September 12, 2006 07:00 ET

Fire Ant Awareness Week Shines Spotlight on Bothersome Backyard Bugs

LEXINGTON, KY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 12, 2006 -- Fire ants are once again a topic of conversation, as homeowners across the southern United States take issue with the stinging scourges which cause more than just inconvenience. Fire Ant Awareness Week, observed annually during the second week of September, is an opportunity to learn about fire ants and how to control them.

"Fire ants are a constant threat in nearly half the country. By inhabiting yards and public areas, they present a threat to families, children, pets, the economy, and more," says Darren Horst, vice president for GardenTech®, makers of Over 'n Out® Fire Ant Killer. "They cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage a year, clogging electrical equipment, collapsing roads, and sending people to the hospital because of their painful sting. Homeowners can now control fire ants with products that are both extremely effective and long lasting. Over 'n Out contains an ingredient called fipronil that is registered for use on ornamental lawns. When used as directed, it kills fire ants and keeps them out for up to a year, guaranteed."

Fire ants infiltrated North America undetected in a shipment of goods in the 1930s. Since then, the South American import has spread to 16 states, becoming one of the premiere annoyances for southern homeowners. With hundreds of thousands of fire ants in each distinctive raised mound, an area with multiple mounds may be the stomping ground of one million aggressive, stinging pests.

Fortunately, fire ant experts, such as Tim Davis, of Clemson (S.C.) University, have a vast arsenal of tools to fight the pugnacious pest.

"Homeowners have many options for treating fire ants. Depending on the level of infestation, the best method of treatment is to broadcast fire ant killer in the affected area, usually in the late afternoon when fire ants are foraging. Products with fipronil have proven to be exceptionally effective in controlling fire ant infestations for an entire season, creating a fire ant free zone for children and pets."

Davis points to another preventative measure: Neighborhood programs.

"Neighbors can help each other by banding together and treating their lawns at the same time. This ensures that fire ant colonies all over a neighborhood are killed. By being vigilant in continuing treatment, neighbors can be certain that fire ants will not repopulate as long as yards have been treated. In fact, research has shown that neighborhood programs can reduce fire ant mounds by 96 percent."

Fire Ant Awareness Week/Add One

Davis warns Americans to be on the lookout for fire ants not only during this year's Fire Ant Awareness Week, but year round.

"Fire ants can cause very painful stings, and in some rare cases, death. If you have fire ant mounds in your yard, keep your family and pets away from mounds. Treat mounds immediately and if your problems persist, contact your local county extension agent."

Though Fire Ant Awareness Week falls in September, it is a stark reminder that fire ants are active throughout the year, though most pervasively during the summer months. To ensure a fire ant free property, treat for fire ants now and enjoy a season of complete control.

For more information, visit GardenTech or the FireRANT blog.

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Over 'n Out is a highly effective, long-lasting lawn and garden pesticide product marketed by GardenTech®. Over 'n Out controls existing fire ants and prevents new infestation. Fipronil, the active ingredient, is a potent chemical that makes Over 'n Out highly respected by trade professionals, retailers, Master Gardeners, county agents, and homeowners. For more information, visit

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