July 11, 2012 10:00 ET

Fire Donald Trump, Yell at Gordon Ramsay and Gamble with the Queen!

Poll Uncovers What Canadians Really Want to Do on 'Unlimited' Vacations

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 11, 2012) - Limits are too limiting! Why impose limits when 'unlimited' is always better? That was FlightNetwork.com's rationale for upgrading their Price Drop Protection™ plan to 'unlimited' on all economy flights, vacations and hotels.

With no limits on possible savings, we started to wonder what Canadians would do if they had 'no limits' while on vacation, and polled 1,001 of them to find out. We asked what Canadians would do with unlimited funds, access and chutzpa in New York, London and Toronto.

Unlimited in New York:

  • 32.8% of Canadians would opt to "fire" Donald Trump.
  • Lunchtime? Why eat in one of celebrity-chef Gordon Ramsay's fine restaurants when, instead, you could yell at him in his own kitchen? That was the choice of 18.7% of poll participants.
  • Finally, with the real estate market continuing its meteoric rise, 15% would choose to actually buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Unlimited in London:

  • Across the pond, participants were slightly less adventurous, with Canadians opting for the ability to drive on whatever side of the road they choose (20.5%) as their preferred "no limits" activity.
  • A significant second choice was to water ski on the Thames (18.9%).
  • Finally, Gambling with the Queen and winning Big Ben followed very closely at 18.4%.

Unlimited in Toronto:

  • Traveling to Toronto? Why not declare a city-wide stat-day while you are there? 24.3% of respondents said that would be their choice if they had no limits in Toronto.
  • For 21%, of Canadian thrill seekers, walking along the edge of the CN Tower isn't enough of a thrill; they'd rather climb up the exterior and parachute back down.
  • Visitors to Canada's largest city would also choose happy travels; those driving would opt to halt construction for the day (16.1%).

Additional results of this poll and details on FlightNetwork.com's latest contest are available on the FlightNetwork® blog at http://www.flightnetwork.com/blog/2012/07/go-unlimited-and-win/.

Poll Methodology:

FlightNetwork.com conducted the poll in late June of this year using Google Consumer Surveys. The poll targeted Canadian consumers 18 years and older and received 1001 responses.

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