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January 24, 2012 06:00 ET

Fire, Police Struggle Finding 911 Callers in Big Facilities as Most Phone Systems Lack Caller-Location Ability -- eTelemetry Solves With Its Low-Cost Locate 911, LENS Alert Technologies

Millions of Lives at Risk: "Seconds Matter" Says Phoenix Fire Dispatch Tech Specialist When Switchboards-PBX Systems Lack Caller-Location Technology

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - Jan 24, 2012) - Millions of hotel guests, students and workers on campuses and employees in large business complexes are at higher risk of delayed 911 emergency help as most switchboard-PBX systems lack 911 caller-location technologies. Answering the call to help save lives and help first responders find distressed callers using commercial phone systems are eTelemetry's low cost solutions, Locate911, that alerts the switchboard to the caller location and LENS, a technology that instantly sends alert messages to phones and computers in emergency situations.

"If we don't have the location information for our crews, it's a matter of life and death and seconds matter," said Greg Plitz, User Technology Specialist, Phoenix Fire Department's, Computer Aided Dispatch division. "The more information we have, the faster we can respond and avoid a terrible disaster. I didn't know a remedy existed," for caller location on large properties using commercial phone systems Plitz added.

Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis, MN recently added Locate911 to ensure emergency caller location in life and death emergency calls. Increasingly local and state governments are requiring 911 caller location ability in large facilities and complexes.

Often those calling 911 can't provide the location due to hectic circumstances or are incapacitated. Traditional and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are not typically shipped with caller location abilities. Adding to the problem is the frequent moving of phones from one location to another in a building or complex -- which many phone systems can't detect unless manually done so. These factors have and continue to attract investors to eTelemetry, providing the resources needed to invent Locate911, LENS and to continue product enhancements.

"We have invested millions of dollars and continue to invest and improve our Locate 911 caller location solution and LENS alert technology for traditional and VoIP PBX phone systems. We are not waiting for regulations to force this. We want to help ensure 911 responders across the U.S. and globally have what they need to save lives," said Andrew Lombard, CEO, eTelemetry. "It seems many who procure commercial phone systems aren't aware of the problem, and that there's a lifesaving solution with our technology. We are going to do our part to raise awareness of this life and death gap in commercial phone systems," Lombard added.

Locate911 technology added to a commercial switchboard-PBX system automatically detects 911 calls in progress and alerts on-site personnel with caller's name, room number and building information so fire, police can respond effectively. LENS serves to alert others at the site or off-site via telephones and computers that an emergency is in progress and to take pre-planned or directed actions.

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