SOURCE: FireHost, Inc.

December 19, 2008 12:32 ET

FireHost, Inc. Brings Secure Web Hosting With Application Security to SMBs

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - December 19, 2008) - FireHost, Inc., a premier managed hosting provider and online backup company announces an enterprise-level secure hosting solutions that's available for SMBs. Gone are the days where firewalls are the answer to security. FireHost has found the perfect blend of best practices, policies, hardware and software to ensure your website and/or web application is never compromised.

Within the last year, Internet security threats have completely changed their style. In the past, port vulnerabilities and services exposure were the biggest concerns. Firewalls solved those holes by simply blocking access to all unused ports. Now, the biggest vulnerability utilizes port 80 and 443. These ports can't be blocked as port 80 is required for non-SSL website traffic and port 443 is require for sites with SSL. Hackers are attacking websites from the website themselves and companies without application security are having theirs and their customers sensitive data stolen and sold on the black market.

In addition to data theft, the most common attack is SQL Injections. According to security vendor Sophos, 16,000 new websites are hit by the attacks every day. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, .NET, classic ASP, shopping carts, Community Server, PHPBB websites have all been hit with SQL Injections. FireHost's Blog ( has a video available to see the impact of a SQL Injection that affected BusinessWeek's website.

"While we believe developers should secure their websites and applications as much as possible, it's not reality. That's why we made it our responsibility to inspect every kilobyte of traffic to and from our customers' sites and enforce policies as needed for our customers and their site visitors' protection," says Chris Drake, FireHost Founder.

FireHost protects their customers from SQL Injections, Cross Site Scripting, Path Traversal, Bad User Agents, DOS attacks, and more. Customers receive automated reports for their protected websites and applications from all the allowed and blocked traffic. Application protection is available for both Managed Shared Hosting customers and Managed Dedicated Server customers.

FireHost also provides continuous website vulnerability monitoring from within the FireHost network ensuring the site is getting tested without protection. All vulnerability testing is done in a manner that's non-destructive to websites and databases.

"The only true way to test vulnerabilities is to attack the website from within the security zone. Doing this provides our clients the peace of mind that we're finding their websites' weaknesses," says Ken Richardson, FireHost Security Engineer.

For qualified businesses who are concerned that their website is vulnerable, FireHost provides a Hacker Report for no charge. Go to to request your free website vulnerability test.

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FireHost, Inc. is based in Dallas, Texas and focuses on delivering enterprise quality fast and secure managed web hosting to SMBs. Specializing in website security and high traffic needs, FireHost's engineers ensure all customers are not only protected but that their website or web application is delivered as fast as possible. Please visit and to learn more.

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