SOURCE: Relevantis, Inc.

March 18, 2008 09:00 ET

First Ad Platform for Android Introduced

And, Surprise, It's Not From Google!

KIRKLAND, WA--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - Relevantis, Inc. today released the first advertising solution to support Android, Google's new mobile phone platform. Beating Google to the punch, Relevantis' Universal Ad Platform supports Android-optimized web sites but is aimed squarely at developers of Android widgets, applications and games. The platform allows these products to include relevant advertising, giving developers an ad-supported distribution option. Relevantis takes a small portion of advertising revenues as its fee, and only makes money when the developer makes money.

Relevantis specializes in supporting highly relevant advertising within embedded applications and widgets. Its new platform enables Android developers to include personalized and location-aware advertising within their applications. And, unlike the expected Google ad platform for Android, Relevantis supports a variety of ad networks -- not just Google.

"When Google announced Android, everybody expected that it would exclusively support Google ads. However, Google's ad platform doesn't even support Android applications at all yet; and, when it does, the ads will most likely be available for Android-optimized web sites instead of embedded applications," said Relevantis CEO Scott Searle, adding that "Relevantis' solution is uniquely designed to support Android widgets, games and other embedded applications as well as web sites. And, perhaps more importantly, our platform supports multiple ad networks, not just Google. So, developers can choose to receive ads from one or more major networks like Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL in addition to Google."

Relevantis provides Android developers with access to a powerful set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow for full control over the advertising presented in their products. The APIs also enable the caching of ads on Android devices. This allows applications to display advertising even when the device is out of range of a network or when it is in airplane mode. For example, an Android user riding the subway in New York City can view and interact with ads without being connected to the Internet.

"The goal is totally integrated ads that compliment the Android experience," said Mr. Searle.

About Relevantis, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Relevantis, Inc. develops and licenses advertising technologies that enable truly relevant advertising. The company's customers include major publishers and market leaders like Nokia, Inc. Rooted in cutting edge probability theory, its patent-pending Relevancy Engine supports powerful behavioral targeting, automatic market segmentation and revenue optimization. The company's Universal Ad Platform is the first solution to deliver highly contextual advertising to mobile web sites as well as embedded applications such as mobile maps and mobile video games. Privately-held Relevantis is headquartered in Kirkland, Wash. To learn more about Relevantis visit the company's web site at

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