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First Asset Closed-End Funds
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March 20, 2014 07:00 ET

First Asset Closed-End Funds March Distributions

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 20, 2014) - First Asset Closed-End Funds announces the following distributions for the month and quarter ending March 31, 2014. In all cases, the distribution will be paid on or before April 15, 2014, to holders of record on March 31, 2014.

Name TSX
(per unit)
First Asset Yield Opportunity Trust - Series A FAY.UN $ 0.1458
First Asset Yield Opportunity Trust - Series B FAY.U $ 0.0440 (USD)
First Asset Canadian REIT Income Fund RIT.UN $ 0.0500
First Asset Pipes & Power Income Fund EWP.UN $ 0.0300
Utility Split Trust - Capital Units UST.UN $ 0.0500
Utility Split Trust - Preferred Shares UST.PR.B $ 0.1313
Triax Diversified High-Yield Trust TRH.UN $ 0.0700
First Asset Diversified Convertible Debenture Fund DCD.UN $ 0.3000
Preferred Share Investment Trust PSF.UN $ 0.1500(1)
First Asset CanBanc Split Corp. - Preferred Shares CBU.PR.A $ 0.1625
CanBanc Income Corp. CIC $ 0.1750
Can-60 Income Corp. CSY $ 0.1625
Canadian Advantaged Convertibles Fund ADC.UN $ 0.1500
Can-Financials Income Corp. FIC $ 0.1500
North American Advantaged Convertibles Fund NCD.UN $ 0.1250
CanBanc 8 Income Corp. CBF $ 0.1500
First Asset Morningstar U.S. Consumer Defensive Index Fund UCD.UN $ 0.0569
First Asset U.S. & Canada LifeCo Income Fund ULC.UN $ 0.1625
  1. With respect to Preferred Share Investment Trust (TSX:PSF.UN), the amount of the quarterly distribution has been lowered to $0.150 per unit (from $0.175 per unit). This reduction reflects the current defensive positioning of the Fund and the desire to conserve cash for the benefit of the Fund's NAV and for deployment into higher yielding opportunities as they are expected to become available. The Manager will continue to assess the amount of the distribution on a quarterly basis having regard to, among other things, the anticipated net cash flows, the net asset value and markets generally. There can be no assurance that the amount will not vary from quarter to quarter, or that the Fund will make any distribution in any particular quarter.

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First Asset is an independent Canadian investment management company focused on delivering superior risk-adjusted investment returns to Canadian investors and their investment advisors. Founded in 1996, First Asset is a leading manager of ETFs, mutual funds, and closed end funds in Canada.

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