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April 14, 2011 20:56 ET

First Comprehensive Nearshore City Location Rating Launched by Zagada Institute to Make Selection Easy for Corporate Buyers and Suppliers

New Quarterly Talent-Cost Data Driven Value Ranking

MIAMI, FL and CORAL GABLES, FL--(Marketwire - Apr 14, 2011) - Zagada Institute (ZI) today announces the 2011 Q1 NEARSHORE CITY LOCATION RATING™. The analysis reflects datasets capture and analyzed on a total of 51 large, medium and small cities among 22 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean competing for IT-BPO outsourcing business.

Modeled by the quarterly reporting practiced by Wall Street firms, Zagada's location value performance rating will now be released at the end of each quarter. Within this context Zagada defines cities as Sovereign Firms™.

This comprehensive publicly disclosed city-by-city rating is a first for the region, and is based on ZI's long-standing data-driven sourcing analytics practice, executed for its corporate buy-side clients. The company's database capture information on over 2,000 data sets on 50 countries and 150 global cities engaged in the global outsourcing service trade. Single city data sets can be purchased at Customized subscriptions are available for single, multiple or all markets.

The analysis is driven by two equally weighted drivers:

a) fully-loaded operational costs, and

b) depth and quality of talent.

Nearshore City
Location Ranking
LocationCost ScoreTalent Score Zagada
City Score
1Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic300485785
2Santiago - Dominican Republic400380780
3Buenos Aires - Argentina360390750
4Rio de Janeiro - Brazil260470735
5Kingston - Jamaica270460730
6Lima - Peru490220710
7Cordoba - Argentina450250700
8Sao Paulo - Brazil190490680
9Guatemala City - Guatemala230440670
10Bogota - Colombia310350660
11Tegucigalpa - Honduras330325655
12Tucuman - Argentina480170650
13Portsmore - Jamaica360290645
14Managua - Nicaragua300340640
15Montevideo - Uruguay410230635
16San Salvador - El Salvador220400620
17Quetzaltenango - Guatemala420190615
18Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic440170610
19Rosario - Argentina460140600
20Belo Horizonte - Brazil470120595
21Georgetown - Guyana170420590
22Curitiba - Brazil425160585
23San Pedro de Sula - Honduras370210580
24Campinas - Brazil360210570
25Panama City - Panama140410550
26Mexico City - Mexico20495515
27Arequipa - Peru49510505
28Guadalajara - Mexico52450502
29San Jose - Costa Rica70430500
30Medellin - Colombia320175495
31Cali - Colombia340150490
32Berbice - Guyana390100485
33Montego Bay - Jamaica170310480
34Bridgetown - Barbados200270470
35Monterrey - Mexico80370450
36Aguascallientes - Mexico160280440
37Puebla - Mexico150260410
38Port of Spain - Trinidad10350360
39Santiago - Chile30320350
40Belmopan - Belize210130340
41Leon - Mexico130190325
42Castries - St. Lucia25070320
43Tiajuana - Mexico15300315
44Torreon - Mexico110200310
45Grenville - Grenada24030270
46Basseterre - St. Kitts18030210
47Queretaro - Mexico90110200
48St.George's - Grenada13060190
49Conception - Chile12050170
50San Louis Potesta - Mexico6090150
51Tuluca - Mexico5080130
NB: Both cost and talent receive equal distribution weights on a scale of 0 - 500, with aggregated scores scaled on a 0 - 1000 continuum.
Source: Zagada Institute (ZI) Nearshore City Location Rating™ Q1 2011 - Released April 14th, 2011

Aggregate scores rang along a zero (0) to 1000 continuum, with a maximum 500 score equally attributed to Cost and Labor. The overall cost analysis is driven by all aspects associated with operational cost and is inclusive of fringe benefits.

The talent score principally focuses on English-speaking, educated, skilled service outsourcing industry talent availability. In essence, aggregate ratings reflect a location's relative strength in serving U.S. and global demand. Talent availability in Spanish-speaking locations is principally scored based on each location's bi-lingual English-speaking depth in addition to quality, cost and education and industry-experience depth.

Companies and organizations interested in subscribing to or learning more about Zagada's customized data delivery services are welcomed to contact us directly at 305 322 8156 or 305 529 9028, or by email at Visit zagada at and Zagada's supplier transaction platform at

Zagada Nearshore
City Location
Ranking by Cost
LocationCost Score
1Arequipa - Peru495
2Lima - Peru490
3Tucuman - Argentina480
4Belo Horizonte - Brazil470
5Rosario - Argentina460
6Cordoba - Argentina450
7Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic440
8Curitiba - Brazil425
9Quetzaltenango - Guatemala420
10Montevideo - Uruguay410
11Santiago - Dominican Republic400
12Berbice - Guyana390
13San Pedro de Sula - Honduras370
14Buenos Aires - Argentina360
15Portsmore - Jamaica360
16Campinas - Brazil360
17Cali - Colombia340
18Tegucigalpa - Honduras330
19Medellin - Colombia320
20Bogota - Colombia310
21Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic300
22Managua - Nicaragua300
23Kingston - Jamaica270
24Rio de Janeiro - Brazil260
25Castries - St. Lucia250
26Grenville - Grenada240
27Guatemala City - Guatemala230
28San Salvador - El Salvador220
29Belmopan - Belize210
30Bridgetown - Barbados200
31Sao Paulo - Brazil190
32Basseterre - St. Kitts180
33Georgetown - Guyana170
34Montego Bay - Jamaica170
35Aguascallientes - Mexico160
36Puebla - Mexico150
37Panama City - Panama140
38Leon - Mexico130
39St.George's - Grenada130
40Conception - Chile120
41Torreon - Mexico110
42Queretaro - Mexico90
43Monterrey - Mexico80
44San Jose - Costa Rica70
45San Louis Potesta - Mexico60
46Guadalajara - Mexico50
47Tuluca - Mexico50
48Santiago - Chile30
49Mexico City - Mexico20
50Tiajuana - Mexico15
51Port of Spain - Trinidad10
NB: Both cost and talent receive equal distribution weights on a scale of 0 - 500, with aggregated scores scaled on a 0 - 1000 continuum.
Source: Zagada Institute (ZI) Nearshore City Location Rating™ Q1 2011 - Released April 14th, 2011
Zagada Nearshore
City Location
Ranking by
LocationTalent Score
1Mexico City - Mexico495
2Sao Paulo - Brazil490
3Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic485
4Rio de Janeiro - Brazil470
5Kingston - Jamaica460
6Guadalajara - Mexico450
7Guatemala City - Guatemala440
8San Jose - Costa Rica430
9Georgetown - Guyana420
10Panama City - Panama410
11San Salvador - El Salvador400
12Buenos Aires - Argentina390
13Santiago - Dominican Republic380
14Monterrey - Mexico370
15Bogota - Colombia350
16Port of Spain - Trinidad350
17Managua - Nicaragua340
18Tegucigalpa - Honduras325
19Santiago - Chile320
20Montego Bay - Jamaica310
21Tiajuana - Mexico300
22Portsmore - Jamaica290
23Aguascallientes - Mexico280
24Bridgetown - Barbados270
25Puebla - Mexico260
26Cordoba - Argentina250
27Montevideo - Uruguay230
28Lima - Peru220
29San Pedro de Sula - Honduras210
30Campinas - Brazil210
31Torreon - Mexico200
32Quetzaltenango - Guatemala190
33Leon - Mexico190
34Medellin - Colombia175
35Tucuman - Argentina170
36Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic170
37Curitiba - Brazil160
38Cali - Colombia150
39Rosario - Argentina140
40Belmopan - Belize130
41Belo Horizonte - Brazil120
42Queretaro - Mexico110
43Berbice - Guyana100
44San Louis Potesta - Mexico90
45Tuluca - Mexico80
46Castries - St. Lucia70
47St.George's - Grenada60
48Conception - Chile50
49Grenville - Grenada30
50Basseterre - St. Kitts30
51Arequipa - Peru10
NB: Both cost and talent receive equal distribution weights on a scale of 0 - 500, with aggregated scores scaled on a 0 - 1000 continuum.
Source: Zagada Institute (ZI) Nearshore City Location Rating™ Q1 2011 - Released April 14th, 2011

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