World Mining Services Ltd

August 18, 2008 03:00 ET

First Day of Dealing

                                         WORLD MINING SERVICES
                                       ("WMS" or the "Company")
                                             (PLUS: WMSP)
                                         First Day of Dealing
World Mining Services Limited an Isle of Man registered company is pleased to announce that its entire
ordinary  share capital has been admitted to trading on the PLUS quoted market following a  successful
private placing of 3,333,333 ordinary shares of the Company, at 6p per share,  raising £200,000 gross.

Listing Details:

Ordinary Shares in issue: 56,553,630 ordinary shares of £0.00001 each.
Placing Price: 6p
Shared issued under the placing: 3,333,333
Warrants in Issue (not traded on PLUS): 3,333,333
Sector Classification: Mining Corporate
Advisor: Rivington Street Corporate Finance
Principal  Activities: To own, operate and license technologies that can be used in  enhanced  mineral
extraction and processing in the mining industry

World  Mining Services Limited ("WMS" or the "Company") has been established primarily to own, operate
and  license technologies that can be used in enhanced mineral extraction in the mining industry.  WMS
will  also  look to invest in operations that are within the resources sector and relate  to  improved
handling  techniques. WMS intends to act as a capital partner for refining plants using  off-the-shelf

The criteria for choosing these investments include:

(a) The product/service must be in demand
(b) The offering must be cash flow positive in the near term
(c) The project must have well defined capital expenditure requirements

WMS  is  keen  to  back projects that are close to commercialisation rather than  purely  early  stage
ventures. The Directors believe that this will provide WMS with well defined returns on investment.

The  Directors  have  identified  several other technologies and potential  end-users.  The  directors
believe  that each client will to some extent, be unique, and WMS recognises that it will have  to  be
flexible enough to implement a solution utilising one or more of the technologies in its portfolio. It
is  likely that WMS will in some instances, choose to license its solutions to the client to  minimise
risk and reduce the burden of capital-intensive projects.WMS intends to enter into joint ventures with
well qualified operators in their respective jurisdictions.

The company's main assets are as follows:

(a)  Afri-Pal - a 50% equity holding in a company that employs a patented process that briquettes coal
fines for use in the residential and commercial market.

(b)  Minex  Technologies Limited - a 10% equity holding in a company which owns a  proprietary  vapour
process for metallic extraction

(c)  True  North Drilling & Geological Services Ltd. - a 100% equity holding in True North Drilling  &
Geological  Services  Limited (True North). True North will provide drilling services  and  geological
services to the mining industry in New Brunswick.


The company placed 3,333,333 ordinary shares at 6p per share. Each share has a warrant attached to  it
exercisable at 6p. The complete terms of the warrants can be found in the admission document.


The Board of Directors and Executive Management:

Jeffrey W. Michel - Chairman and CEO

Mr.  Michel  is Chairman and CEO of PLUS market-listed Fundy Minerals Ltd., is a resident of  Florida,
USA. Mr. Michel was honorably discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard after a successful tour of duty  in
the  field  of  Drug Interdiction and Border Control. Mr. Michel was then recruited  into  the  retail
investment  banking  field  to  apply his expertise and determination to  a  new  regional  firm  that
specialized  in small caps, new market entrants, and start-ups. He has over twenty years of  corporate
experience including more than a decade working for various small cap retail broker/dealer  firms,  at
the senior corporate level, specializing in business development, compliance and cost containment. His
underwriting  experience  ranges in complexity from straight equity financings,  IPO's,  PIPEs,  debt,
RTO's  and  convertible  debt to M&A arrangements. Mr. Michel is currently the  Managing  Director  of
Southwood  Partners  Ltd.  where he consults to public and private companies  on  debt  restructuring,
public  market  management,  investor relations, DTC analysis, strategic  partnerships  and  corporate
governance. He is a FINRA licensed Series, 24, 7, 4 and 63.

Daniel ND Vanrenen - Director

Mr. Vanrenen has worked in the financial industry for the past 7 years, initially managing and trading
private  money  on  the UK and US futures market. In 2003 Mr. Vanrenen co-founded  Waltech  PLC  as  a
incubator/accelerator  fund  to  operate and provide value added  management  to  specific  technology
companies, he was involved in the marketing and money raise for the listing in 2004 and the investment
of  funds  into  a number of South African and UK technology companies. Mr. Vanrenen also  has  strong
business relationships in South Africa which led him, in 2006, to co-found Aladdin partners, which  is
principally involved in funding Black Economic Empowerment projects in South Africa.

Jonathan Harrison - Financial Director

Mr.  Harrison is currently the Finance Director for the AIM listed company Sirius Exploration and  the
privately  held company Crystal River Resources Ltd. He is a Chartered Accountant with  experience  in
quoted  and  unquoted  companies. Previously, Mr. Harrison spent 16 years at  Intercontinental  Hotels
Corporation, where he held various positions, including Vice President of Finance. In 1989, he  joined
Boddington Group plc ("Boddington"), where he developed and became Operations Director of the  Village
Leisure  Hotels division, responsible for the operation of six leisure hotels. Between  February  1994
and September 1995, while still at the Boddington, he was Finance Director of Country House Retirement
Homes  Limited, during which time the number of nursing homes nearly doubled to 31 nursing  homes.  In
March  1997,  he  led a management buy-in of 25 hotels from Queens Moat Houses plc  with  Duke  Street
Capital.  Six  months  later, he managed the refinancing of the new group, County  Hotels  Group  plc,
through  a  listed bond offering and, in January 1999, successfully sold the company  to  Regal  Hotel
Group  plc.  In  September 1999, he joined Topnotch Health Clubs plc and in  March  2000  oversaw  the
company's admission to AIM.

Roy Harding - Non Executive Director

Mr Harding is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Walpay Limited (Isle of Man). He is a Chartered
Accountant  with  board  level experience in corporate strategy, shareholder relations  and  financial
reporting.  As  a chartered accountant he has obtained broad expertise in complex consolidations,  tax
planning and financial controls, with a particular focus on offshore corporate finance. Mr Harding was
previously  the  Finance  Manager  (2007-2008) of Diab Engineering, which  manufactures  products  and
provides  engineering  services  for  the mining, heavy engineering,  manufacturing  and  construction
industries in Western Australia. Between 2003 and 2007, Mr Harding was Director of Finance of Fortress
Management Services Limited, a consultancy service for the formation, administration and accounting of
offshore companies and trusts. Between 2000 and 2003 Mr Harding was a director of Bidvest Group  (Isle
of  Man),  an  offshore  corporate  service provider, where he was  responsible  for  all  accounting,
compliance  and audit oversight. Between 1988 and 2000, Mr Harding worked at Manica Group  Namibia,  a
member  of  the  Bidvest  Group comprising 25 companies operating in the  freight,  travel,  trucking,
warehousing, cleaning & forwarding, stevedoring, airport management, fuel supply, logisitics, offshore
oil  and  fishing industries. Mr Harding was appointed Financial Director of Manica in  1992  and  was
responsible  for all accounting and audit oversight. Mr Harding received his accountancy  training  at
Deloitte & Touche and Greenwood Ironside.

The Directors believe that the proposed Admission will raise the profile of the Company by acting as
an additional marketing channel. The benefits of introducing the Company's shares to be traded on PLUS

     -    the ability to provide a trading platform for existing investors; and
     -    the increased potential to raise further funds in the future, either to enable a proposed
          acquisition or investment to be completed and/or to raise additional working capital or development
          capital for the Company once the acquisition or investment has been completed.

The  attention  of potential investors is drawn to the fact that ownership of shares  in  the  Company
involves a variety of risks.  Investors should be aware of the risks associated with an investment  in
a  business in the early stages of development.  All potential investors should carefully consider the
entire  contents  of this Document including, but not limited to, the factors described  below  before
deciding  whether  or not to invest in the Company. The information below does not purport  to  be  an
exhaustive  list or summary of the risks affecting the Company and are not set out in  any  particular
order  of  priority.  There may be additional risks of which the Directors are not  aware.   Investors
should carefully consider these risks before making a decision to invest in the Company.

If  any  of  the  events  described  in the following risks actually occur,  the  Company's  business,
financial  conditions, results or future operations could be adversely affected.  In such a case,  the
price  of  the  Company's Ordinary Shares could decline and investors may lose all or  part  of  their
investment.   Additional risks and uncertainties not presently known to the Directors,  or  which  the
Directors  currently  deem immaterial, may also have an adverse effect upon the Company.  These  might
include the following:-

(a)     The  success  of the Company depends largely upon the expertise of the current  Directors  and
        their ability to identify suitable investment and flotation opportunities and implement the Company's
        strategy.  The loss of one or other of the key Directors could have an adverse effect on the Company.

(b)     The Company's future success will also depend, inter alia, on its future Directors and

management team.  The recruitment of suitable skilled directors and retention of their services or the
services of any future management team cannot be guaranteed.

(c)     The value of the Ordinary Shares will depend, to a significant degree, on the Company's
ability to identify and make suitable investments in a reasonable timeframe and the success of its
flotation. The Directors intend that appropriate due diligence be carried out by the Company on
potential prospects, but there is an inherent risk in researching companies or businesses, which could
adversely affect the value of the Ordinary Shares.

(d)     As part of its corporate strategy in buying into projects the Company may well acquire shares
in quoted companies where the market price may be volatile and may therefore be difficult to realise
due to a potentially illiquid market. The Company's strategy also includes investing in unquoted
private companies.  Investments in private companies carry a high risk and these may be even more
difficult to value and realise.

(e)     The Ordinary Shares are not listed on any stock exchange.  Notwithstanding the fact that an
application will be made for the Ordinary Shares to be traded through PLUS this should not be taken as
implying that there will be a "liquid" market in the Ordinary Shares.  An investment in the Ordinary
Shares may thus be difficult to realise.  The value of the Ordinary Shares may go down as well as up.
Investors may therefore realise less than their original investment, or sustain a total loss of their

(f)     Share market conditions, may affect the ultimate value of the Company's share price regardless
of future operating performance.

(g)     The market price of the Ordinary Shares may not reflect the underlying value of the assets of
the Company.

(h)     Continued membership of PLUS is entirely at the discretion of PLUS Markets plc.

(i)     PLUS quoted securities are not traded on AIM or admitted to the Official List.  Consequently,
it may be more difficult for an investor to sell his or her Ordinary Shares and he or she may receive
less than the amount paid. The market price of the Ordinary Shares may not reflect the underlying
value of the Company's net assets or operations.

(j)     The share prices of public companies are often subject to significant fluctuations. In
particular, the market for shares in smaller public companies is less liquid than for larger public
companies.  Consequently, the Company's share price may be subject to greater fluctuation and the
Ordinary Shares may be difficult to sell.

(k)     It is possible that the Company will need to raise further funds in the future to raise
further working or development capital.  There is no guarantee that the then prevailing market
conditions will allow for such a fundraising or that new investors will be prepared to subscribe for
Ordinary Shares. Shareholders may be materially diluted by any further issue of ordinary shares by the
Company.   A long delay or inability to raise financing for working or development capital could have
a material adverse effect on the business, financial condition, results of operation and prospects of
the Company.

(l)     The Company's Ordinary Shares are intended for capital growth and therefore may not be
suitable as a short-term investment. Investors may therefore not realise their original investment at
all, or within the time-frame they had originally anticipated.

(m)     Investment in this Company's equity may not be suitable for all recipients of this Document.
Investors are therefore strongly recommended to consult an adviser authorised under the Financial
Services and Markets Act 2000, who specialises in investments of this nature before making their
decision to invest.

(n)     Any change in the Company's tax status or in taxation legislation or its interpretation could
affect the value of the investments held by the Company; affect the Company's ability to provide
returns to Shareholders or alter the post-tax returns to Shareholders. Representations in this
document concerning the taxation of the Company, its subsidiaries and its investors are based upon
current tax law and practice which is, in principle, subject to change.

(o)     The Company's performance and the market price and liquidity of the Ordinary Shares may be
affected by changes in exchange rates and controls, interest rates, government policies, taxation,
social and ethnic instability and other political and economic developments affecting the countries in
which the Company operates.

(p)     The performance and growth of the Company's business are necessarily dependent on the health
of the economy in which the Company's businesses operate, as well as the overall health of the global
market for mining technology services and products. The performance and growth of Afri-Pal is
particularly dependent upon the demand for coal by domestic consumers in Poland and may therefore be
affected by the health of the Polish economy, the availability and development of alternative domestic
heating methods for Polish consumers and seasonal factors such as mild winters.  The performance and
growth of Afri-Pal is also dependent upon the successful completion of its briquetting plant.  The
performance and growth of True North is particularly dependent upon the demand for drilling services
and geological services by the mining industry in New Brunswick, Canada.  The performance and growth
of Minex is particularly dependent upon the successful commercialisation of Minex's mineral recovery
technology. There can be no guarantee that Minex will achieve these objectives to the level of success
that the Directors expect, in the timescale that the Directors expect or at all.

(q)     The Company's businesses may rely on third party equipment manufacturers in the
commercialisation of their products (particularly in the case of Minex) or to supply services and
products (particularly in the case of True North and Afri-Pal), and therefore may not always have
complete control over the equipment and materials the businesses require to comply with their
obligations under customer contracts.  To the extent that the Company's businesses cannot acquire
equipment or materials according to their plans and budgets, their ability to complete their work for
their customers within the timetable laid down by the contract or at a profit may be impaired.  If a
manufacturer is unable to deliver the products for any reason, a business of the Company may be
required to purchase such equipment or materials from another source at a higher price. The resulting
additional costs may be substantial and the relevant business may be in breach of its contracts with
customers, which may result in a financial loss on a particular contract or a loss of business.

(r)     The  Company  recognises the value of its businesses' intellectual property and the  need  for
        protecting its rights in relation to the proprietary technology of its businesses, particularly in
        regard to Minex and Afri-Pal. Failure to protect the Company's intellectual property may result in an
        adverse impact on the Company's businesses and may also result in competitors copying or otherwise
        obtaining and using its proprietary content and technology without its authorisation. There may not be
        adequate protection for intellectual property rights in every country in which the Company's services
        are made available.  Furthermore, in future, the Company may need to take legal action to enforce the
        intellectual property rights of the Company and its businesses, to protect trade secrets or to
        determine the validity or scope of the the intellectual property rights, patent protection and
        confidentiality of the Company and its businesses.

(s)     With  particular  regard  to the patent applications filed by Minex and  in  relation  to  the
        technology and processes used by Afri-Pal under licence from Tower Technologies (Pty) Limited (South
        Africa), the patent positions of technology-based enterprises may be subject to complex factual and
        legal issues that may give rise to uncertainty as to the validity, scope and priority of a particular
        patent.  There can be no assurance that patent applications that have been made but which are pending,
        or which the Company or its businesses will make, will be granted or that patents granted to the the
        Company or its businesses will not be successfully challenged. Furthermore, there is no assurance that
        the Company's or its businesses' existing or future patent rights will afford adequate protection
        against unauthorised use of the Company's or its businesses' technology by others. The Company and/or
        its businesses may incur substantial costs if required to enforce its patents or defend third party
        claims of infringement.  The Company may apply for additional patents relating to its current and
        future technology. There can be no assurance as to the breadth or degree of protection which existing
        or future patents, if any, may afford the Company, that any patent applications will result in issued
        patents or that the Company's patents will be upheld, if challenged, or that competitors will not
        develop similar or superior methods or products outside the protection of any patent issued to the

The  interests  of  the Directors in the issued share capital of the Company as at the  date  of  this
announcement will be as follows:

         Director                          Number of Ordinary Shares        Percentage of issued
                                                (at Admission)               Ordinary Shares (at
         Jeff Michel                               6,629,008                       11.72%
         Daniel Vanrenen                           6,518,620                        11.5%
         Jonathan Harrison                         1,379,548                        2.4%
         Roy Harding                                84,000                          0.1%

Total  Shares  controlled  directly  by  the  Directors of the  Company:  14,611,176  Ordinary  Shares
representing 25.84% of the share capital.

In  addition  to  the  interests of the Directors insofar as is known to the  Company,  the  following
persons  will  at Admission be, holding voting rights in three per cent. or more of the  issued  share
capital of the Company:

         Name                              Number of Ordinary Shares        Percentage of issued
                                                (at Admission)               Ordinary Shares (at
         Fundy Minerals Limited*                  28,006,590                        49.5%
         Mark Edey                                 4,726,970                        8.36%
         David Hume                                4,726,970                        8.36%
          * Jeff Michel is the Chairman and CEO of Fundy Minerals.
         Name             Current directorships and partnerships        Previous directorships and
         Jeffrey        Fundy Minerals Limited                       Minex Technologies Limited
         Michel         Fundy Minerals (Liberia) Limited             
                        Crystal River Resources Limited              
                        Southwood Partners Limited
                        Flatlands Limestone Limited
                        AFRI-PAL Spolka zo.o
         Daniel         Le Canon Wine Limited                        Waltech Plc
         Vanrenen       Walton Capital Limited                       
                        Walton Asset Management Limited
                        Alchemex Int
                        Aladdin Partners
                        The Limited
                        Alchemex (Pty) Ltd (SA)
         Jonathan       Fundy Minerals Limited                       Millionaire Buddies Limited
         Harrison       Crystal River Resources Limited              UK Explorer Limited
                        Sirius Exploration Plc                       Seventy Thirty Limited
                        Easy Business Consulting Limited             
                        Circle Resources 1 plc                       
                        Circle Resource Holdings Limited
                        BT Metals Holdings plc
         Roy   Phillip  None                                         3 - Detailing Limited
         Harding                                                     4x4 Motors Limited
                                                                     ABC Worldwide Limited
                                                                     AC Dredging Limited
                                                                     Ace Ventures Limited
                                                                     African Spices Limited
                                                                     Allihies Solutions Limited
                                                                     Altman Limited
                                                                     Anem Euro Ltd
                                                                     Apex Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Applestone Properties Limited
                                                                     Aqua Investments Limited
                                                                     Aqualand Properties Limited
                                                                     Aragon Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Arcalis Consultants Limited
                                                                     Ashkal Developments Limited
                                                                     Asman Properties Limited
                                                                     Aston Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Auclair Properties Limited
                                                                     Austin Consultants Limited
                                                                     Avondean Limited
                                                                     Axiom Overseas Limited
                                                                     Ayre Navigation Limited
                                                                     Bantry Investments Limited
                                                                     Barrons Drive Limited
                                                                     Barrule Navigation Limited
                                                                     Barrule Navigation Limited
                                                                     Becrux Properties Limited
                                                                     Beetham Properties Limited
                                                                     Big Blue Investment Co. Ltd
                                                                     Blake Limited
                                                                     Bradda Navigation Limited
                                                                     Breeze Property (IOM) Limited
                                                                     Britannia Investments Limited
                                                                     Burghley Estates Limited
                                                                     Calverley Homes Limited
                                                                     CAP Properties Limited
                                                                     Carrick Properties Limited
                                                                     Castle Nominees Limited
                                                                     Centaur Lodge Limited
                                                                     Chasms Navigation Limited
                                                                     Chesterfield Computer
                                                                     Consultants Ltd
                                                                     Codesurvey Limited
                                                                     Consortia Europe Limited
                                                                     Contact Group Limited
                                                                     Contract Management Limited
                                                                     Cornaa Navigation Limited
                                                                     Cornaa Navigation Limited
                                                                     Covax Ltd
                                                                     Cranbourn Investments Limited
                                                                     Cregneash Navigation Limited
                                                                     Cressida Corporation Limited
                                                                     Cringle Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Croft Consultancy Limited
                                                                     Crystal Group Limited
                                                                     Crystal Group Limited
                                                                     Crystal Holdings Limited
                                                                     Crystal Holdings Limited
                                                                     Delfino Entertainment Sales
                                                                     Dennis-Pieron Limited
                                                                     Depp Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Devere Properties Limited
                                                                     Discrete Integrated Devices
                                                                     Dockside Limited
                                                                     Dougal Property Limited
                                                                     Doverlane Shipping Co. Limited
                                                                     Emerald Leisure Investments
                                                                     Emerald Leisure Operations
                                                                     (Tamworth) Limited
                                                                     Enchange Limited
                                                                     Engineering Rentals Limited
                                                                     Eris Telecoms Limited
                                                                     Errol Developments Limited
                                                                     Espalloc Limited
                                                                     Expense Reduction Analysts
                                                                     F.T. Licences Limited
                                                                     FBS Consulting Limited
                                                                     Fizzle Holdings Limited
                                                                     Floumo Trading Limited
                                                                     Flowcrest Developments Limited
                                                                     Flowline Consultants Limited
                                                                     Fortress International Services
                                                                     Fortress Management Services
                                                                     Fortress Nominees Limited
                                                                     Fortress Secretaries Limited
                                                                     Freeland Properties Limited
                                                                     Garwick Navigation Limited
                                                                     GEK Limited
                                                                     Geoffrey Wheeler Marketing
                                                                     Global Alliance Holdings
                                                                     Global Alliance Properties
                                                                     Global Alliance Services
                                                                     Greenvalley Properties Limited
                                                                     Heydon Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Hi - Point Sales Limited
                                                                     Hillcroft Consultants Limited
                                                                     Hillington Properties Limited
                                                                     Hollow Enterprises Limited
                                                                     I.A.L. Investments Limited
                                                                     Iberian Solutions Limited
                                                                     Innox Consultants Limited
                                                                     Inteli 3 International Ltd
                                                                     Island Distribution Consultants
                                                                     Island Marine Services Co. Ltd
                                                                     J.R. Resources Limited
                                                                     Jade Investments Limited
                                                                     Johnsen Trading Limited
                                                                     Karl Consultants Limited
                                                                     KDM Communications Limited
                                                                     Kelami Developments Limited
                                                                     Kelburne Consultants Limited
                                                                     Kensho Company Limited
                                                                     Kersley Consultants Limited
                                                                     Kingsthorne Properties Limited
                                                                     KIT Limited
                                                                     Knightcrown Consultants Limited
                                                                     Kubrick Consultants Limited
                                                                     Lambourn Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Lanish Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Lapworth Consultants Limited
                                                                     Leebridge Investments Limited
                                                                     Lisieux Limited
                                                                     Lucas Properties Limited
                                                                     Lugard Enterprises Limited
                                                                     M K Daly International Limited
                                                                     Makeway Limited
                                                                     Manolis Consultants Limited
                                                                     Manolo Developments Limited
                                                                     Manpro (IOM) Limited
                                                                     Manresa Holdings Limited
                                                                     Manresa Partners Carbon
                                                                     Opportunities Limited
                                                                     Manresa Partners Holdings
                                                                     Maratek Engineering Limited
                                                                     Marcotex International Limited
                                                                     Maughold Navigation Limited
                                                                     Maye Navigation Limited
                                                                     Mirlart Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Moonglow Consultants Limited
                                                                     MP Lucky Strike Limited
                                                                     Mycrest Properties Limited
                                                                     Namsov Trading Limited
                                                                     Namsov Trading Limited
                                                                     Neath Properties Limited
                                                                     Niarbyl Navigation Limited
                                                                     Nimawi Properties Limited
                                                                     Norwich Properties Limited
                                                                     Oakland Developments Limited
                                                                     Oceanis Middle East Limited
                                                                     Painswick Consultants Limited
                                                                     Panther Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Pascoli Limited
                                                                     Peel Navigation Limited
                                                                     Penang Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Perwick Navigation Limited
                                                                     Polaris Shipmanagement Company
                                                                     Polaris Shipmanagement Company
                                                                     Poullagh Shipping Limited
                                                                     Prevot Properties Limited
                                                                     Pure Bridging Finance Limited
                                                                     Pure Bridging Holdings Limited
                                                                     Ramsey Navigation Limited
                                                                     Razzia Limited
                                                                     Reabridge Properties Limited
                                                                     Real Estate Investments Limited
                                                                     Redcroft Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Reno Development Limited
                                                                     RFB Limited
                                                                     Ribble Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Riveroak Consultants Limited
                                                                     RMK Company Limited
                                                                     Rodeo Drive Properties Limited
                                                                     Ronague Navigation Limited
                                                                     Ronuk Consultants Limited
                                                                     Roseline Services Limited
                                                                     Rousay Properties Limited
                                                                     Rushen Navigation Limited
                                                                     Samson Properties Limited
                                                                     Sandals Properties Limited
                                                                     Saville Properties Limited
                                                                     Seager Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Sesulo Limited
                                                                     Seymour Management Limited
                                                                     Skytech Limited
                                                                     Snaefell Navigation Limited
                                                                     Soar Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Soderick Navigation Limited
                                                                     Softech Resources Limited
                                                                     Sparemblek Services Limited
                                                                     Spinneys 1948 Limited
                                                                     Statecrest Properties Limited
                                                                     Sturdy Investments Limited
                                                                     Sulby Navigation Limited
                                                                     Talria Limited
                                                                     Tandom Developments Limited
                                                                     Tenbury Consultants Limited
                                                                     Tendara Limited
                                                                     Tenley Properties Limited
                                                                     Terrace Enterprises Limited
                                                                     TGF Introductions Limited
                                                                     Thorne Properties Limited
                                                                     TIC Limited
                                                                     TIC Properties Limited
                                                                     Tote Consultants Limited
                                                                     Trical Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Trotters Independent Trading
                                                                     Company Limited
                                                                     Turnbull Design Limited
                                                                     Venture Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Verdala Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Vladimir Properties Limited
                                                                     Waring Limited
                                                                     Wellington Enterprises Limited
                                                                     Weybourne Commercial Limited
                                                                     Weybourne Limited
                                                                     Windcrest Properties Limited
                                                                     Yorkie Limited

The directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.

Contact Details:
World Mining Services Limited                             Tel: +44(0)207.669.4479
Jeffrey Michel, Chairman / CEO

Rivington Street Corporate Finance                Tel: +44(0)207.562.3393
Leo Godsall                                      Monisha Varadan
Email:                      Email:

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