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January 26, 2016 00:01 ET

First Dog DNA Waste Program Launches in UK

KNOXVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - Jan 26, 2016) - For the first time in the UK, DNA technology is being used to fight another type of crime: un-scooped dog poo. The program was launched with the first dogs' DNA registered on Thursday, January 21. The program is a partnership between PooPrints UK and London's borough of Barking and Dagenham, led by Councillor Darren Rodwell. The Councillor said they decided to "get really tough on dog mess and pet owners who do not act in a socially responsible way." 

Barking and Dagenham has fast-tracked the program launch to hold dog owners responsible to clean up their own dog's messes or be fined. Rodwell elaborated further, "the vast majority of dog owners in Barking and Dagenham are socially responsible, but unfortunately a selfish few think it's OK to not clean up after their pet." The borough is confident that the program will generate increased operational savings that will more than cover the investment.

Based on the technology of BioPet Laboratories, the overall effectiveness of the PooPrints DNA dog waste management program in the U.S. is extremely high. PooPrints currently services over 1500 apartment complexes in the United States, representing over 100,000 dogs. All report a major reduction in waste within 3 months and a lowering of their maintenance costs. The current financial outlay to municipalities for dog waste removal far outweighs the cost of the program.

Two major value points PooPrints delivers to major apartment homes and local communities:

  • 99.9% Accuracy on DNA profile matching
  • Existing U.S. properties report up to 95% reduction in dog mess resulting in cleaner, healthier properties

Because of the success in the U.S. market, the eastern London borough invited PooPrints to bring solutions to the UK. In addition to Barking and Dagenham, multiple cities and boroughs have already committed to implementing the program across England in the immediate future. PooPrints has stated that with the increase in volume in the UK, they have plans to establish a UK-based lab to serve their new customer base.

Those interested in learning more can access by phone (866) 883-7389 or online at:

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