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7signal - The Wi-Fi Performance Company

December 03, 2015 03:00 ET

First Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi Performance App With Cloud-Based Analytics

AKRON, OH--(Marketwired - December 03, 2015) - 7signal, the Wi-Fi Performance Company, announces Sapphire Mobile Eye -- a unique mobile app which provides automated performance testing of the Wi-Fi user experience for enterprises, retailers and public venues.

Gartner predicts that by 2018, 50%+ of users will be mobile-first. Wi-Fi is already considered business critical in many industries from Retail to Healthcare, So much so, that Wi-Fi performance has risen to third place, behind BI and Security, in the top 3 list of CIO and IT leader priorities in 2015 according to Forrester and ESG.

"Sapphire Mobile Eye is the industry's first enterprise-class Wi-Fi performance measurement app for iOS and Android devices," states Jeff Reedy, CEO. "Used together with the Sapphire Cloud service, enterprises can properly measure and manage the Wi-Fi user experience in every corner of their networks by exploiting the large number of smartphones, and tablets already in the workplace."

Now, 7signal's sophisticated Wi-Fi performance analytics platform, previously reserved for the most mission-critical areas of the network, can be applied to monitor the Wi-Fi everywhere, from corporate to every branch office -- enabling IT departments and Wi-Fi service providers to tackle performance issues proactively and ensure business-critical applications perform flawlessly.

What it does, how it works

Sapphire Mobile Eye gathers detailed real-time Wi-Fi performance data from the actual mobile devices people are using on their wireless networks. The app downloads a custom test profile defined by the network administrator from Sapphire Cloud, and runs a series of bidirectional performance tests on-demand or at periodic intervals. The app stores its results back to the cloud, where 7signal's EyeQ Dashboard displays Key Performance Indicators in a browser dashboard.

The Sapphire Mobile Eye app turns BYOD to IT's advantage. By distributing the app to mobile devices via the company's EMM/MDM system, IT can instantly assemble an army of users automatically collecting Wi-Fi performance data everywhere they go. The Mobile Eye app complements 7signal's state-of-the-art Wi-Fi sensors which perform 24/7 active and passive tests from fixed locations. It leverages the ubiquity of mobile devices to instantaneously gain visibility of the Wi-Fi user experience, enterprise-wide.

Enhances the Sapphire System

"Sapphire Mobile Eye takes our Wi-Fi performance analytics software to the next level, by providing new insights with device- and OS-specific data and by removing deployment barriers. Now any business can remotely monitor the Wi-Fi user experience for their staff, guests and patrons at any sized location," says Reedy.

Together, Sapphire Cloud, Sapphire Eye sensors and the Sapphire Mobile Eye app enable network administrators to assure the best possible Wi-Fi experience to users, empowered by the ability to detect and resolve performance issues before users complain or critical business operations are impacted. Administrators can set Wi-Fi performance service level targets and get proactive notifications when performance slips out of compliance for metrics such as throughput, packet loss, delay and jitter.

Sapphire Mobile Eye can also be used as an on-demand troubleshooting by users and network engineers to test for Wi-Fi performance issues on-the-spot when there are congestion or connectivity problems -- users can run the tests and see the results directly on their mobile device.

Large venue operators such as transportation hubs, stadiums, conference centers even malls can also integrate the Sapphire Mobile Eye kernel with their own venue-specific apps, enabling them to collect Wi-Fi performance data from connected users.

Sapphire Mobile Eye will be available in January 2016. To see how Sapphire Mobile Eye and Sapphire Cloud help enterprises maximize the Wi-Fi user experience, visit

About 7signal Solutions, Inc.

7signal develops cloud-based Wi-Fi performance management software that enables enterprises and service providers to manage the Wi-Fi user experience on their wireless networks, against Wi-Fi performance SLAs. 7signal sensors and mobile agents collect Wi-Fi performance data across the enterprise and the Sapphire Cloud analytics engine presents the data as Key Performance Indicators in a browser dashboard, giving network administrators immediate visibility of Wi-Fi health and performance, enterprise-wide.

The Sapphire System enables businesses to significantly improve Wi-Fi baseline performance without adding access points, to reduce troubleshooting 80-90%, and to lower the TCO of maintaining reliable, high performance WLANs that fulfil user expectations.

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