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May 05, 2008 11:02 ET

First Model of Scuderi Engine to Be Shown at Engine Expo in Stuttgart Next Week

Infamous Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine Reaching Significant Development Milestones

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2008) - The first model of what is expected to be the world's most fuel efficient internal combustion engine -- the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine -- will be on display next week at Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany.

This is the first time an actual model of the Scuderi engine will be available for public viewing and will feature the split cycle arrangement and valve train that was recently proven by an independent laboratory to match or exceed all earlier computer simulated predictions. Recent studies have verified that the Scuderi Engine and its breakthrough split-cycle arrangement will have historical gains in fuel efficiency, more power, and emit up to 80 percent less NOx than all the conventional and hybrid engines on the road today. The plastic model will be available for viewing May 6-8 at the newly opened Stuttgart Messe. (Booth 5342)

The showing of this model comes on the heels of several milestones reached by the engineering team at the independent laboratory that is testing and building the engine's proof-of-concept prototype expected to be completed by the end of the year. Earlier this month, the Scuderi Group announced that measured results from valve train test rig tests exceeded expectations and have had a nearly perfect match to earlier computer predictions of the engine.

"There has been great anticipation around the development of our engine and showing this model to the European engineering community attending Engine Expo will give them a new opportunity to see the breakthroughs we have been realizing since our European debut there two years ago," said Sal Scuderi, president of the Scuderi Group. "Having this model on hand helps to further bring to life the important data that's now coming out of the recent laboratory studies, and is one of the last steps before the first prototype is completed."

The newly developed valve train test rig was designed to fully actuate, test and measure all performance criteria of the Scuderi Engine's crossover valve train sub-assembly. The crossover valve train is one of the most critical portions of the Scuderi Engine since it must actuate at greater than Formula 1 speeds.

In January, the Scuderi Group also announced the completion of the first of three laboratory studies addressing the Scuderi Engine under full load, partial load and the addition of the air-hybrid components.

The first study, which focused on the characteristic of a single-stage, turbocharged Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine under full load conditions, predicted that the engine will have higher power, torque and efficiency ratings than the current state-of-the-art turbocharged engines on the road today. It also showed that not only did it achieve higher efficiency than the best gasoline engines on the market, but it also showed that the Scuderi gasoline engine also has a higher torque than most of the conventional diesel engines in use today. Additionally, the predicted NOx emissions were 50% to 80% less than that of a conventional engine, which will mean an even greater advantage in diesel applications.

The Partial Load report is expected to be released in the next month, with the Air-Hybrid study due out this summer.

The Scuderi Engine

The Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine is expected to provide significant improvements in the area of power, efficiency, and environmental protection. The results of state-of-the-art modeling and testing indicate:

--  Fuel efficiency 25-50 percent higher than in today's conventional
--  Nitrous emissions up to 80 percent less than that of today's gasoline
    and diesel engines
--  Improved performance of hybrid engines
--  Considerably more torque and power over conventional engines
--  Minimal increased manufacturing and tooling costs due to use of
    similar or common components

Through the addition of a compressed air storage tank and some controls, the Scuderi Engine can recover the energy that is normally lost when a vehicle is decelerated. To apply this principle in an electric-hybrid vehicle, a complex electrical system is needed that costs thousands of dollars and consists of generators, motors, and batteries.

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