April 29, 2009 19:00 ET

The First Nations Education Council (FNEC) rewarded the First Nations communities who have successfully taken up the 100% SMART challenge

MONTREAL, April 29 - The First Nations Education Council (FNEC) is very pleased to announce the names of the four communities which have successfully achieved the 100% SMART challenge; a project initiated by the FNEC. This announcement as well as the presentation of the 2nd edition of the project took place during the 19th edition of the First Nations Education Conference.

The 100% SMART challenge aimed at allowing First Nations schools to equip themselves, at a lesser cost, with SMART Boards, in view of improving learning and school attendance.

The 100% SMART project encourages First Nations schools to acquire one SMART Board per class and to 100% train, its users. Eligible schools had to have at least six classes and the FNEC acted as sponsor, training agent, and support organization for SMART Board technology. Today, the communities who have earned a 100% SMART certificate are: Gesgapegiag, Listuguj, Kahnawake and Timiskaming.

The use of the SMART Board in the classroom has shown several direct positive effects on learning. One of the most encouraging effects is the increased participation of students in class.

The 19th First Nations Education Conference was also the perfect opportunity to announce phase II of this project. The FNEC hopes that other schools will enroll in this initiative which is turning out to be a real success. We would like to bring to your attention that the FNEC has developped this innovative project to facilitate the acquisition of SMART Boards since the current federal funding formula for First Nations schools does not provide any funds for the purchase of new technologies.

The FNEC is an organization involved in education since the past twenty-five years. It gathers together twenty-two communities from the eight First Nations of Quebec, in a collective effort to promote and safeguard their vision of education, for further information:

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  • Tim Whiteduck, Technology coordinator, FNEC, Office: (418) 842-7672, Cell: (418) 932-0250