April 26, 2011 06:00 ET

First New Show in 5 Years Opens at SeaWorld Orlando

LANCASTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 26, 2011) - The latest killer whale show was debuted at SeaWorld Orlando on 22nd April with over 4000 people in the audience. Entitled 'One Ocean' the show replaces the previous show 'Believe', which has ran at all 3 SeaWorld parks for the past five years. The date was chosen as 22nd April is also Earth Day, and organisers wanted to celebrate the world we share with the performance debut. The core message of the show is the importance of recognising that both humans and animals are part of the same world, with one ocean, and it's the responsibility of the human race to protect that.

As always the show is a thrilling and exciting spectacle, with the world famous and well loved Shamu starring. His stadium has been revamped and over thirty five fountains have been added which shoot water in time to the music being played.

Shamu is joined by Tilikum, the biggest whale in the show, however due to the tragedy at the park involving Tilikum last year their trainers do not enter the water in the new show - but they do get close. Audience participation is still very much encouraged – in particular taking part in the well known Shamu chant.

The whales display some spectacular behaviour with huge leaps, simultaneous manouveres and the audience can observe them at pay amongst the fountains.

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