September 24, 2007 08:30 ET

First of Three Sessions in Experts Connection™ Leadership Series Focuses on Developing Your Inner Career Compass

Dr. Keith Merron Explains How to Tap Your Inner Purpose and Apply That Knowledge to Become a Better Leader

NOVATO, CA--(Marketwire - September 24, 2007) - Understanding your true purpose and goal in life is the first step in promoting superior leadership. In the first of its three-part teleseminar series on leadership, Experts Connection™ ( will present "Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership - Developing the Inner Compass." Presented by Dr. Keith Merron, an expert in leadership and organizational change, the session will be held October 3, from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. ET (1:00 - 2:00 p.m. PT). The Experts Connection teleseminar series for senior managers is sponsored by NETSHARE® (

While researching his third book through interviews with dozens of remarkable business leaders, Dr. Merron identified that one of the unique challenges in western society is that people don't understand their larger purpose in life. People tend to set short-term, material goals, seldom stopping to ask: "Why am I here?" "Have I found my true calling?" Most professionals lack the internal map that leads them to fulfilling careers and true leadership. Without the right inner compass to guide them, executives tend to drift from job to job and career to career, cobbling together a life that they hope is worth living.

In this Experts Connection teleseminar, Dr. Merron will explore the deeper inner knowledge that distinguishes great leaders. People who know their purpose and have a map to guide them tend to attract the kind of work they want, interest the kinds of organizations they want to work for, and are more effective in the job search and interview process. In this teleseminar, Dr. Merron will provide insight into:

--  What is the different between inner and outer directed, and how that
    difference affects leadership skills?
--  What is your unique leadership signature?
--  How do you clarify your purpose and your internal map, including what
    are the two key aspects of defining your inner compass?
--  Where do you turn if your direction still isn't clear?

"Before you can achieve your goal, you have to be able to visualize it," said Kathy Simmons, CEO of NETSHARE and host of the Experts Connection teleseminars. "Keith has made an extensive study of what it takes to make a great leader, and it all starts with the inner drive to make a difference. This session will explore how other acknowledged leaders have found their own inner direction, and how you can find your own compass to point you toward career success."

The cost to participate in the teleseminar is $45 or $115 for the entire three-part series. NETSHARE members can register for $35 per session or $90 for the series. The next installments are scheduled for October 17 and November 7. For more information, visit or call 1-800-241-5642.

About Dr. Keith Merron

Dr. Keith Merron is the founder and Managing Partner of Avista Consulting Group (, an organizational consulting and leadership development firm. Keith has more than 25 years of experience assisting executives in business, government and education. Some of his clients include: Hewlett-Packard, Freddie Mac, AmeriGroup Corp., MedCath, Wang Laboratories, General Public Utilities, WorldCorp., California State Automobile Association, Endocare, and The Healthcare Financial Management Association. He has authored two books on organizational change as well as numerous articles. He earned his PhD from Harvard University where his studies spanned the fields of human and organization development. Keith has taught several courses in the field of organizational behavior and development at the university level.


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