SOURCE: First Trace, Inc.

July 10, 2008 11:11 ET

First Trace Releases Korrigo Engineering Document Management Solution

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - July 10, 2008) - First Trace, Inc. has completed development and released Korrigo, a standards-based engineering document management product. Korrigo is the newest addition to the KinnosaONE product family. KinnosaONE is a suite of service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions built on open standards that solve a common industry problem: how to unify engineering with the greater corporate document management strategy.

The document and process management requirements of engineering are very complex and enterprise-oriented solutions are simply unable to satisfy them. This gap in requirements has caused a separation between engineering and the balance of the enterprise, leading to islands of data, fragmented environments, and business processes that are inefficient and unable to be completely automated. KinnosaONE is the first product family to bridge the requirements gap and solve this problem to create a True Enterprise. Korrigo was built for engineering enterprises with a strong CAD focus that need to prepare engineering data for eventual inclusion in an enterprise strategy. Korrigo addresses the complex needs of manufacturing and engineering departments without forcing IT to revamp their existing infrastructure or networks.

"We chose Korrigo as the name for our new product because in Latin 'Corrigo' literally means 'improvement' or 'upgrade,'" said Terry Simpson, CEO of First Trace. "Korrigo provides all the functionality required of an advanced engineering document management system to improve management of engineering design and change processes. This includes easy management of distributed data repositories for true data unification."

Korrigo provides document version control, property management, relationship management, workspace management, file backup, restore, and archiving. Korrigo separates itself from other solutions by using a virtual data repository. This allows users to easily manage distributed data repositories, control life cycle states, conduct full content searches, and integrate with enterprise authentication and security systems. "The key differentiator of Korrigo against other solutions is that it enables the management and inclusion of engineering information into the greater corporate information strategy," adds Simpson.

Application add-ins place Korrigo functionality directly into the interface of CAD tools from Autodesk, SolidWorks and Bentley Systems so engineering users can manage documents directly from within the CAD application. The addition of the Windows Extension Service embeds Korrigo functionality into Windows File Explorer and Microsoft Office programs. Employees can use the familiar Windows File Explorer interface and file tree to access Korrigo capabilities, manage distributed data repositories, and collaborate in real time.

Korrigo serves as a stepping stone for engineering departments that need to begin moving toward a corporate-oriented document environment. Korrigo utilizes Open Platform Services and a JCR repository built on industry standards for storing files. It will not lock engineering documents into a proprietary data vault. Korrigo's open architecture prepares engineering to merge into the greater corporate environment without investing in expensive systems integration, migrating data or changing normal work routines.

About First Trace, Inc.

First Trace is a leading provider of document management, process management and data unification solutions. First Trace has developed the KinnosaONE product family as the next step in the evolution of document management that breaks down the traditional wall between engineering and the greater enterprise. The KinnosaONE family consists of Korrigo, Kinnosa, and Kinnosa Workflow and is the only suite of products that leverages existing technology investments, integrates with complex CAD tools and office applications for immediate recognition of ROI across the enterprise. First Trace has customers worldwide across a range of industries, which include some of the largest industry players such as Ford Motor Company, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier Aerospace, Mittal Steel, Georgia-Pacific, New York State Electric & Gas, and Ineos Chemicals. To learn about First Trace and Korrigo, visit

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