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May 21, 2012 07:42 ET

First Utility Launches UK's Cheapest Fixed Price Energy Deal

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 21, 2012) - First Utility has announced the launch of the UK's cheapest fixed tariff, iSave Fixed Price v2* - a deal with an annual average tariff of £1,047.

With one of the 'Big Six' energy suppliers last week suggesting gas and electricity prices will soon rise, the simple new tariff will reassure British households with a fixed price until September 2013.

The new tariff adds to an already competitive First Utility offering which also includes the UK's overall cheapest energy deal, iSave v10**, which comes in at an average of £1,027 per year. The introduction of iSave Fixed Price v2 means First Utility now offer both the UK's overall cheapest energy deal and the UK's cheapest fixed price energy deal.

Darren Braham, Chief Financial Officer at First Utility, commented: "The recent focus on collective switching initiatives is making for an interesting and more dynamic marketplace for consumers and it's helping to engage more people in switching to get better deals."

"We are determined to maintain our market-leading prices and our new fixed tariff is ideal for people who want a greater degree of certainty over their bills. With the fixed tariff lasting until September 2013, the tariff will give consumers a real alternative to the 'Big Six' that currently dominate the market."

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About First Utility

First Utility is the smarter independent utilities supplier, offering electricity and gas services to a range of consumer and business customers. It is the only energy provider to roll out smart meters free to all its customers, throughout the UK. It is through the use of smart metering technology that First Utility empowers consumers to manage and reduce their own energy consumption and bills. First Utility is headquartered in Warwick and currently has 80,000 customers across its portfolio.

*First Utility's new iSave Fixed Price v2 costs an average of £1,047 per annum based on a medium user. ** First Utility's online iSave v10 costs an average of £1,027 per annum based on a medium user.

Note: iSave Fixed Price v2 prices are fixed until 30th September 2013.

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