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July 10, 2012 18:23 ET

Fishermen Search Kentucky for World-Record "Lake of Dreams"

After Reading the New Book "American BeheMouth" or Visiting the Website, Anglers Are Searching for the Lake in Kentucky Holding a 28+-Pound Largemouth Bass

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 10, 2012) - At first a trickle of poachers started searching, then entire families in SUVs were pulling over at convenience stores asking for directions. One reader of "American BeheMouth" likened it to Kevin Costner's "Field of Dreams," and the lake, full of giant largemouth bass 15-28 pounds, earned its nickname "Lake of Dreams." 

"When I took the job of managing the lake, I thought I would be out there catching huge bass all day," said Billy Hutchinson, who now secures the lake in addition to feeding the fish. "I did not think I would be crouched in the brush wearing night vision goggles trying to protect the lake with a shotgun, but that's what it's come to."

Billy, who says he has officially fished the lake "just once," but unofficially, "a few other times," says his personal record is around 18 pounds, an uncertified Kentucky state record. As for the poachers, he knows of only one who was successful. "I saw him running to his truck by the road, but I didn't bother firing at him. He only had a 10- or 11-pound fish. We're taking out some that size now, so I wasn't worried."

Jason Covington's new book, "American BeheMouth," details the years of research that solves the age-old fisheries question of how to grow fish to these proportions. The formula includes a new fish-to-food ratio as well as the baitfish used and the environmental conditions required. The book tells several other stories along the journey, including a Castaic Lake, California record and state-record Missouri bass.

When asked about his plans for the lake, Covington said, "I originally built it to honor my grandfather, but after it started getting expensive, I was kind of hoping for that million dollars you always hear about for the world-record in order to at least recoup some of my money." No sponsors or endorsement deals have come from the 27-pound bass, which was not submitted to the International Game Fish Association for record certification. Under the circumstances, a record like this would require one huge asterisk, like so many records in baseball, he maintains.

To get the details on the "Lake of Dreams" and the world-record-sized bass, read the book "American BeheMouth," available for sale as an economical EBook on Amazon and in paperback on Amazon's CreateSpace.



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