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Five Business VoIP Solutions That Are the Most Affordable of 2014, Decided by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 9, 2014) - Running a business can be quite challenging, even for the savviest of business owners. Fortunately, there are a few things that can ensure that everything runs more smoothly for the long term success of your company. One of them involves business VoIP solutions that can help your business grow and thrive in the long run. Business VoIP is a great alternative to standard phone systems in the office as it allows your employees to more easily keep in touch with customers or clients regardless of their location. They can also save your business precious money. The specialists at looked into overall features, price and more to decide which providers would give businesses the most bang for their buck. Here are some of the top business VoIP solutions as determined by

1. Vonage Business Solutions

Vonage Business Solutions is a great option of business VoIP that provides your company with a rich VoIP phone system that is cloud hosted for your convenience. It is best when used by small and medium sized businesses and strives to provide better options so that you can serve customers and clients in an even better manner. If your business is a startup, you can even receive helpful tips from Vonage on how to ensure your company's success. The startup plan is perhaps your best bet if your company is new as it offers a business phone system that is reliable and allows you to save up to 30 percent on your phone bills.

2. Jive

Jive promises your small business a highly reliable business VoIP phone system that simply works. It utilizes cloud technology and allows you to control everything that goes on in the office, even when you are not there, connects all of your employees, allows you to use your business VoIP solutions from anywhere and is much cheaper than standard business phone systems.

3. Ring Central

Ring Central provides you with a great option for business VoIP that is integrated with the cloud for a highly affordable price. One of the most convenient features of this particular VoIP business solution is that it allows you the option of enabling a BYOD and mobile system. This is especially useful for any business that has employees who are always traveling and on the go and you need them to do their work via their own smartphone or tablet.

4. Mitel

Mitel is one of the leading business VoIP solutions options available. It uses cloud communications called MiCloud that allow you to freely move among public and private hybrid cloud models and the MiContact Center, which is a call center that provides a wide scope of customer service tools and real-time and historic reporting. There is also support for multimedia communications such as social media, email and web chatting. You will find their business VoIP plans to be integral to the overall success of communications in your business.

5. CorvisaCloud

CorvisaCloud has a motto that states that it helps business to work smarter and to make customers happy. When you rely on these business VoIP solutions, you can have full access to a contact center that is cloud based so that your customers and clients can always get their questions or concerns answered. CorvisaCloud's services are easy to use, even if your business takes up multiple office locations. There is simply no IT know-how needed to set it up.

Because it is so important to find the best possible solution for your company, it is essential to do thorough research on each of these VoIP providers. As a whole, they can really make or break your success, so having the right one is of utmost importance. Businesses interested in learning more about business VoIP solutions can visit:

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