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October 13, 2009 05:15 ET

Five Easy Ways You Can Express Yourself at Your Homecoming Celebration

Stand out From the Crowd, Not Stick out Like a Sore Thumb

RED BANK, NJ--(Marketwire - October 13, 2009) - Why look like all the other young women at your Homecoming celebration? You can express your personality and be a standout at the big event without sticking out like a sore thumb. Here are five easy ways to express yourself at Homecoming, from the editors at BeautyRiot:

1) Find a muse. Identify one or more actresses or models or other public figures that you admire and aspire to style-wise. Create a folder on your computer where you will collect images of your muse(s) that capture the feeling you want for your Homecoming look (just right-click and select "Save picture as..." from the menu that appears). Web sites like and are great for fashion shots and hairstyles ideas. Other sites, like, are great for finding beauty ideas and hairstyles for Homecoming.

2) Name your theme. Open up or print out all your images and look at them together. If you print them, you can create "mood board" which is a collage of your images that tells a story. What themes, colors, moods, styles, details, etc., do you see repeated? Brainstorm on what your images make you think of or feel and try to name it. Maybe it's "Tokidoki Bond Girl," or "Pre-Raphaelite Action Hero," or "Hip Hop Greek Goddess." You get the idea. Let this theme guide you in all your choices.

3) Save time -- browse online. Go to all your favorite online stores to get an idea of what's available. Save images of different pieces and put them together to see if they work as an ensemble. This will save you loads of time when you hit the pavement to go shopping. If you're brave, go ahead and order online. Just be prepared to make alterations or even return things (which means, give yourself plenty of time and/or a backup plan).

4) Save more time -- try it on online. Whether you think you've found the perfect hairstyle or can't decide, today's online virtual makeovers make it possible to see yourself in a style before taking the plunge. has a free virtual makeover that's easy to use, and offers a free makeover that features bridal hairstyles that are perfect for other formal occasions.

5) Give vintage a chance. The really fashionable girls of the world know that vintage pieces are the most amazing. Online sources like and offer stunning dresses and accessories that you won't see on anybody else at the event.


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