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June 09, 2009 09:00 ET

Five Questions Facing Corporate Social Media: Critical Discussion at GasPedal's BlogWell Conference

Live Discussions With Dell, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Intuit, SAP, General Mills, Kaiser Permanente, and Pepsi

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - Social media is taking a transformative role in the enterprise, affecting every department from HR to customer service. As brands continue to refine strategies for successful social media, corporate communicators are seeing an evolution in the questions being asked -- questions presenters will cover at GasPedal's BlogWell in San Francisco on June 23.

BlogWell's presentation topics indicate a shift from "should be we blog?" to "how do we use these tools in sustainable, profitable ways that build the brand?" BlogWell's questions:

1. How do we effectively use social media internally?

Social media isn't just for outreach. In fact, many of the world's biggest brands have rich internal communities that increase efficiencies and collaboration. Learn how the country's largest HMO, Kaiser Permanente, does just that in their presentation, "Harvesting the Low-Hanging Fruit of Internal Social Media Channels."

2. How do we build vibrant, engaging communities?

The phrase "building community" is a common buzzword in social media -- everyone has a Facebook group, a forum, a fan page, etc. -- but how do you create communities with high engagement and great discussions? SAP shows us how in their presentation, "Vibrant Communities Fuel SAP's Customer-Focused Ecosystem."

3. How do we use social media for daily communications?

Some of the most successful brands in social media are those that communicate on a consistent, regular basis. In their presentation, "How Cisco Engages Customers, Partners, and Press with Social Media," learn how one of the world's largest computer networking companies does it every day.

4. How do we connect our social media sites to our corporate site?

How do you build a successful blog or community away from your corporate site? How do you encourage your customers to engage with them? Dell's social media team show us how in their presentation, "Blending Community and E-Commerce."

5. How can we use social media for market research and customer feedback?

Social media has the power to bridge the gap between the R&D department and the end consumer better than any focus group or survey you could find. In their presentation, "Customers First: TurboTax in Social Media," see how traditional financial software maker Intuit is leveraging the power of engaged customers to offer point-of-need support and to build better products.

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