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December 18, 2009 11:29 ET

Five Steps Will Ensure Your Technology Fits Your Business Needs, Says New Book by Atrion's Charles L. Nault

WARWICK, RI--(Marketwire - December 18, 2009) - By following five steps, business owners and decision-makers can ensure their technology fits their business needs, IT expert Charles Nault explains in his new book, "Risk-Free Technology: How Small to Medium Businesses Can Stem Huge Losses From Poorly Performing IT Systems."

To manage its technology lifecycle, every organization must assess, implement, train, support and review, Nault writes.

1. Assess. A never-ending process that begins with assessing where you are.

2. Implement. Following assessment, the next step is the most complicated phase of the lifecycle: implementation. "It's impossible to overstress the planning phase of the implementation process. Things will go wrong during implementation, so be prepared," Nault says.

3. Train. Your staff will need some introductory training before your technology is implemented.

4. Support. To assure optimal return on investment, provide pro-active support, i.e., real-time monitoring of the technology for optimal performance and reliability.

5. Review. Constant multi-faceted review of technology is next, including quarterly reviews of network performance by senior management as well as reviews of user satisfaction and technology advancements.

Summarizing Nault writes, "If you assess, implement, train, support, and review, the only time you'll experience an outage in your technology will be when you determine it's likely to impact your business the least. You'll now have a fully redundant, resilient, self-healing network that's always working for you when your employees are. Employ this 5-step lifecycle process and your technology will fit."

Founder/Chairman of Atrion Networking Corporation (, Nault is recognized throughout the United States as the leading expert on making IT systems work with utility-like reliability. Servicing many clients in all major industries, Nault's firm provides services for companies both large and small. He's written on the topic for top publications such as US Industry Today, CEO Refresher, The Independent Consultant and Mass High Tech and speaks frequently at industry events and conferences. His firm provides training and consulting to companies large and small, often working closely with Cisco Systems on network design, implementations and support.

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