August 22, 2013 11:00 ET

Five Tips for Women to Remain Safe On and Off Campus

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 22, 2013) - With millions of women heading back to college campuses across America, five tips to help them stay safe on and off campus are now available from third-degree black belt Helen Anzalone Gordon, who recently created the YOU CAN FIGHT App -- the first self-defense instructional app designed specifically for women.

"It's a scary fact that one out of four college women get sexually assaulted," says Gordon. "I also read a horrible article recently that college administrators are advising their students to adopt the attitude of passive resistance: if you are attacked, you should pee your pants, vomit or tell the attacker that you have a disease. That advice is RIDICULOUS!!!

"If you're attacked you should gouge the eyes first, kick or slap the groin, or punch the throat. Any of these defenses will disable an attacker long enough for you to get away. But, there are habits women should develop that can lower their chances of ever becoming a victim."

The following are Gordon's five tips for women to remain safe on and off campus:

1. NEVER accept drinks from someone you don't know. Also, if you're at a party and have left your drink unattended for even one second, get a new one. While we're at it, NEVER accept an aspirin from someone you don't know.

2. NEVER walk through campus alone at night. If you have a late class or are studying in the library till dark, walk back to your dorm with a group of friends.

3. NEVER invite someone you just met back to your dorm room. Also, it is very important to set boundaries. If you're not interested in a sexual relationship with someone, you need to set very clear boundaries at the beginning. If you send mixed signals, he may use that as an excuse to push you to do something you don't want to do.

4. NEVER look down or text while walking or passing someone on the street. You should look people in the eye as you pass them and walk with your head up and arms swinging naturally at your sides. First, you will look confident. Second, predators don't want to be identified. So if you are making eye contact with someone who might do you harm, and you are walking with confidence, they will re-think you as a target. It's also crazy how addicting texting can be, but I can't stress enough how important it is to stay focused on your surroundings.

5. NEVER sit in your car talking on the phone or texting. Don't balance your checkbook either. Sitting in your car makes you a target. You need to get in your car, start it and go. It's very important to adopt these very simple preventative steps. College should be a rewarding, fun experience, not a traumatic one.

About Helen Anzalone Gordon
A Staten Island, N.Y. native, Gordon has been studying martial arts since moving to the West Coast in the early 1990s, receiving her third-degree black belt at Couprie Martial Arts in Van Nuys, Calif., where she serves as an instructor. Gordon also is an actress with a variety of film and television credits, and has coached acting in Los Angeles for 15-plus years ( She produced the app for New Island Pictures with her husband, producer/director David Gordon.

The YOU CAN FIGHT App is available at the iTunes App Store (, Google Play ( or through the official website at For more of Gordon's self-defense tips for women, follow her at and

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