SOURCE: The Rob Roy inNEVation Center

The Rob Roy inNEVation Center

October 09, 2013 17:19 ET

FiveGen Brings Technology Full Circle in Las Vegas

The Rob Roy inNEVation Center Is a Hub of Collaboration

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - October 09, 2013) - FiveGen, a security and infrastructure company offering application development, software solutions, cloud hosting, and project management consulting is enhancing the technology environment in Las Vegas by setting up shop in The Rob Roy inNEVation Center.

The inNEVation Center is a philanthropic effort by Switch SUPERNAP and its CEO and founder Rob Roy to support economic diversification in Nevada. More than a dozen companies and technology startups are located in the center and benefit from the collaboration of Nevada entrepreneurs, business leaders and the community.

"Being part of The inNEVation Center we feel like we're home," said Sam McMullen, FiveGen co-founder and fifth generation Nevadan. "The support and collaboration we've experienced at The inNEVation Center has helped us grow and strengthen the company. We are surrounded by industry leaders and innovators who are creating technology solutions daily right here in Las Vegas."

The inNEVation Center is a 65,000 square foot entrepreneurial and business hub providing the resources, education and connections necessary to start and grow great companies. Located near the Switch SUPERNAPS at the Las Vegas Digital Exchange Campus (LVDEC), the center offers business development resources including coworking space, executive offices and corporate headquarter options. The Switch SUPERNAPS provide unrivaled colocation, connectivity, cloud and content ecosystems and represent innovation, security and reliability for more than 600 global clients, FiveGen and other startups at The Rob Roy inNEVation Center.

"The inNEVation Center is a hub of collaboration focused on the core goals of diversifying and stimulating the Southern Nevada economy," said Kristi Overgaard, EVP of Awesomeness at The inNEVation Center. "We've developed a model that attracts solution-oriented companies passionate about innovation through technology."

FiveGen works closely with clients to determine their needs, construct solutions and deploy successful strategies to support their business initiatives. The team goes beyond the role of hosting provider to help developers and small business clients conceptualize solutions that add value on both the user and admin side. In the Development as a Service (DaaS) space, these services are invaluable.

FiveGen Founder Sam McMullen is a fifth generation Nevadan who toured the SUPERNAPS, the world's most powerful technology solutions ecosystem, in 2011 after his dad introduced him to the Switch SUPERNAP leadership team. Earlier this year McMullen moved his team into the center to allow for easy collaboration with other technology leaders and entrepreneurs, and to take advantage of the Las Vegas Digital Exchange Campus location.

"Switch SUPERNAP provides us the flexibility to build applications, develop software and host cloud services for clients. We can scale our internal usage and offering needs, and easily do the same for our clients," said McMullen. "We looked at several well-known data centers, but ultimately the Switch SUPERNAP is unmatched in uptime, scalability and stability."

The FiveGen team participated in Las Vegas Startup Weekend for fun in early August. They developed and presented a powerful tool to enhance online collaboration and interaction at The inNEVation Center. Dubbed "SwitchBoard," the dashboard enables individuals and teams to aggregate the various web services they use into their daily lives in a single personalized dashboard.

The team plans to finish the dashboard and donate it to The inNEVation Center for use by tenants, clients and customers. The dashboard can be used by other coworking spaces to enable individuals and teams within an organization to aggregate the various collaborative web services they use into a single branded and customizable dashboard.

"Although it will never take the place of live collaboration between all of us here at The inNEVation Center, it will help all of us work more efficiently," said McMullen. "Donating this project is a way to give back to the community and say thank you for the support Rob Roy, Switch SUPERNAP and The inNEVation Center team provided us." 

About FiveGen

FiveGen develops simple and powerful hosting solutions for developers and small businesses. The company provides expert security and technology in the following services: cloud hosting platforms, white label hosting, website and mobile application development, project management, security and infrastructure consulting and product development services. They are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information about FiveGen, please visit

The Rob Roy inNEVation Center

The inNEVation Center is a philanthropic effort by Switch SUPERNAP and its CEO and founder Rob Roy to support economic diversification in Nevada. As the leader of Nevada's most successful tech startup, Rob Roy is committed to paying forward the success of Switch SUPERNAP. His passion for a more diverse Nevada economy led him to create The inNEVation Center to foster collaboration between Nevada entrepreneurs, business leaders, mentors, investors, educators and government agencies.

The inNEVation Center hosts tech events, economic development roundtables, and provides meeting space, coworking space, executive suites and space for corporate headquarter development with close proximity to the Switch SUPERNAP technology ecosystems. The SUPERNAPS represent innovation, security and reliability for more than 600 global clients, from passionate startups to Fortune 100 powerhouses. For more information about The inNEVation Center, visit

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