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FIXd Architecture/Design

February 12, 2013 09:04 ET

FIXd Architecture/Design Transformative Zero Energy House Brings Technology of the Future to the Present

Designer Seeks Developers or Private Individuals to Build Revolutionary, Unique, and Transformative Zero Energy Residences

BOSTON, MA and BEVERLY HILLS, CA and BANGKOK, THAILAND--(Marketwire - Feb 12, 2013) - Zero energy home "Mõ Ventus" is introduced to global luxury real estate market. Imagine a luxury zero energy home that could be located anywhere on the planet that literally transforms in real-time to the needs and desires of those who live there. Imagine even further that this home offered beautiful 180 degree views of nature, an outdoor amphitheater, beach access via tube slide and a breathtaking home office/studio, among many other luxury features. This is not fantasy, thanks to Todd Theodore Fix of FIXd Architecture/Design, designer of Mõ Ventus. This uniquely sustainable home utilizes both wind and sun as energy sources and has many great built-in features to effectively capture and store energy for later use.

"Unprecedented real-time transformation through the mõtus (movement) of large composite retractable screens and rigid foam core shells allows the owner to have micro-management over day-lighting, heat gain, visual openness, and privacy," said Todd Fix. "The high level of green features in such a revolutionary design is unprecedented in the world of architecture due in part to how this house is organized so as to embrace and utilize the features of a unique landscape and dramatic sloping site." The topographically integrated wind basin form is sited towards prevailing winds and is projected to increase nearly five-fold the potential wind-generated energy. Hydrogen fuel cells are then used to store this energy on site for later use.

"Three pools have the dual usage of recreation and micro-climate cooling," said Fix. "Photovoltaic arrays, four embedded bi-directional wind turbines, and fuel cells provide power to meet all operational needs enabling the house if desired to be remotely located off the grid."

"Not bound by geography, climate or access to a power grid, this house can be built literally anywhere in the world, in remote on- or off-the-grid locations; e.g., Island retreats or mountain hideaways," said Ryan Ole Hass of Nourmand & Associates. "It's ideally suited for fresh- or saltwater beachfront locations with moderate to steep slopes and temperate climates, but can be easily adapted for inland mountain topography."

"Mõ Ventus also features an exciting home-office studio, cantilevered and thrust poetically into the landscape," said Ryan. "Easily customized for the home owner, many extra features can be part of the final design of Mõ Ventus." Ready to be built to bring the home of the future into the present moment, developers, builders, or private individuals are sought to make this a luxurious sustainable reality. This is sure to be a very gratifying project for those seeking to bring a better quality of life to humanity.

For more information and to view videos & images of this highly innovative residential home design, visit or contact Ryan Ole Hass, MBA, at 323.893.7253 or Todd Theodore Fix at 781.591.2117.

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FIXd Architecture/Design is an interdisciplinary design studio that integrates architecture and the environment. Based in Boston and Bangkok.

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