Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor

September 08, 2010 20:09 ET

Fixing How City Hall Works Is Key to Fixing City Finances, Says Rocco Rossi

Toronto Mayoral Candidate Announces Sweeping Changes to Improve How Torontonians Are Represented

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 8, 2010) - Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi became the first candidate in the Toronto election to link fixing the stalemate-style of governing at City Hall with making real change in the City's finances. Rossi, who has spent his career leading major businesses and non-profit organizations, said today that as part of his fiscal Freeze and Fix plan, which would see spending at City Hall frozen at current levels, he would change the way City Hall is governed.

"In order to fix finances, we must also fix City Hall," Rossi said during a press conference on University Ave. at College St. His plan for real at City Hall includes:

  • cutting Toronto city council in half to 22 members
  • having an additional four councillors elected "at large" to represent each of the four former boroughs, Scarborough, Toronto/East York, North York and Etobicoke/York.

These four councillors elected at large will comprise, along with the Mayor, the Board of Control for the City of Toronto. Under the leadership of Mayor Rossi they would be assigned the task of fixing City finances and dealing with other macro issues facing the City.

Rossi said that because this governance model can't be in place until the next election, he would appoint four councillors in week one after his election as Mayor, to serve as Deputy Mayors for each borough. These Deputy Mayors and the Mayor would be the new Board of Control until the next election. Additional details of the plan will be announced later during the campaign. "I want a Board of Control to serve with me in making the tough decisions. As Mayor, I will ensure that every corner of the city gets a seat at the table."

"George Smitherman wants to be Budget Chief, I want to be Mayor," Rossi said. "He wants to review the budget line-by-line. I believe we need an 'Auditor-General,' not a politician, to scrutinize the books. Having been the architect of the province's billion dollar e-health scandal, he's not qualified to be the budget chief of anything."

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