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January 08, 2016 08:00 ET

FlashZero Aims to Bring Gold Nugget Mobile Prospects Directly to Advertisers

Pre-Qualified Buyers Would Be Connected Directly to Advertisers Seeking Their Business

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Jan 8, 2016) - FlashZero Corp. (OTC PINK: FZRO) Hello? We have a disconnect between mobile phone users and advertisers, and FlashZero aims to fix it. Advertisers have not seen mobile deliver on its promise as a premium advertising medium. Leading Internet service companies including Google and Facebook are faced with a pressing issue of declining revenue due to increased advertiser resistance to the current pricing structure.

Major advertisers no longer wish to pay premium rates for mobile ad placement. And no one is feeling the pinch more than two of the biggest players in the advertising game, Facebook and Google. Facebook has become a king of mobile with mobile representing approximately 62% of its advertising revenue. Similarly Google owns the mobile platform of choice. Together they are part of the mobile miracle that is changing how we live our lives. Until now Google and Facebook have seen massive profit increases.

But an increasing number of mobile advertisers do not believe their advertising dollars are generating sufficient revenue to justify continuing with the current "preferred placement" system. Many are refusing to pay premium ad rates for mobile real estate and are opting out of the mobile advertising market. Advertising on smart phones simply does not make as much money as it did on the Internet. Advertisers are dissatisfied with smart phone ads and therefore less willing to pay premium rates to fuel growth. And the more we move toward using smart phones for doing everything on the Internet the tougher the situation becomes.

Someone is going to have to figure out how to make mobile pay off. Until they do the pressure will be on Internet service providers. Here's more on the problems the industry is facing:

1. Carriers have been slow to tap the user data that advertisers depend on for targeted delivery. Third-party ad networks and vendors offer some data, but the carriers have the richest data. However, they are nervous about consumer privacy.

2. Brands feel let down by mobile ad opportunities. Companies view them as "seriously lacking the excitement and effectiveness that brand marketers need."

3. There is not physical room on smart phone screens for numerous ads, so today's Googles and Facebooks cannot rack up as much revenue per user. Compare that to a web browser on your desktop or laptop, where you will see plenty of ads simultaneously.

Mobile advertisers are searching for innovative solutions to turn mobile's advertising potential into significant dollars. FlashZero has its name in the hat. The company's forthcoming FlashAccess service in conjunction with FlashSpace venues can make mobile an unlimited, highly desirable platform for mobile advertising.

Using FlashAccess, advertisers and brands will be able to identify and target "gold nugget" prospects for their goods and services and establish one-on-one enhanced interactions. FlashZero will provide all connectivity and the environment for enhanced engagement. When there is an advertiser/prospect matchup the advertiser will use a FlashSpace as a fully-configured, expansive new venue that is tailor made for qualifying, presenting and closing.

FlashZero's innovative solution can solve the problems of:

1. Consumer privacy. On FlashZero, consumers will "opt in" to dialogue with advertisers.

2. Ad excitement and effectiveness. FlashSpaces can serve as the venue of choice for innovative ads.

3. Cramped mobile real estate. FlashSpaces will be scalable to match the needs and aspirations of each advertiser.

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