March 07, 2006 08:30 ET

FlexiInternational Software Is First to Market With Smart Client Technology for Accounting Processes

Rich GUI Interface; Service Oriented Architecture (SOA); Dynamic XML Forms; Simplify and Streamline Accounting Processes; Dramatically Increase Productivity; Significantly Lower the Cost of Deployment and Ownership

SHELTON, CT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 7, 2006 -- FlexiInternational Software, Inc. (Flexi) (OTC: FLXI) today announced the availability of FlexiSmartClient™ Suite, a set of smart client, SOA, web-based accounting components designed to streamline business processes and reduce deployment time and cost. FlexiSmartClient Suite was built to take advantage of new XML technologies and smart client architecture, delivering the best of both worlds by combining the reach of the Internet with the power of Client Server Technologies.

FlexiSmartClient Suite provides organizations the flexibility to streamline accounting processes and customize data entry forms according to job roles, security, and internal processes. Integrated with FlexiFinancials®, Flexi's flagship accounting solution, FlexiSmart components simplify tasks such as invoicing, vouchering, journal entries and reporting along with vendor and customer management. The business benefits of the new offering are dramatic -- companies can extend accounting processes to remote locations or offices down the hall without long and expensive deployment, complex training, lengthy implementations and costly customization. FlexiSmartClient accounting processes can be deployed from a desktop, a corporate portal or by using FlexiSmart Portal -- the user's choice.

FlexiSmartClient Suite's data entry screens are dynamically generated by XML definitions using the Flexi Dynamic Application Framework which means they can be easily customized to specific job roles or departments. For example, an invoice clerk sees only the basic fields applicable to the job in familiar terminology. Such customized forms speed data entry, reduce errors and provide a higher level of security. Just as importantly, they minimize maintenance and completely eliminate custom programming. Forms can be modified with simple changes to the XML file and they remain unchanged with software upgrades.

Security and data access rights for FlexiSmart components are defined and maintained in FlexiFinancials. Employees can only access authorized components and data.

FlexiSmartClient Suite includes the following components:

--  FlexiSmart Customer, for management of customer information.
--  FlexiSmart Invoice, for the creation and processing of customer
    invoices, debit or credit memos.
--  FlexiSmart Journal, for easy creation of journal entries.
--  FlexiSmart Reporting, for the ability to create real-time reports.
--  FlexiSmart Vendor, for management of vendor information.
--  FlexiSmart Voucher, for the creation of accounts payable invoices,
    credit or debit memos.
"Over the years we have seen many browser deployments but this is the first one we have seen that takes advantage of Smart Client Technologies. The ability to customize screens through XML definitions and integrate the FlexiSmartClient Suite into a Service Oriented Architecture is leading edge," said Peter Kastner, Technology Research Analyst of Aberdeen Group.

Flexi customer Netbank, a virtual bank that offers products and services over the Internet, expects higher productivity. "We've been waiting for a solution like FlexiSmartClient for years," said Harry Brown, Director of Accounting Systems and Projects for Netbank. "The smart client model gives companies like us a way to streamline accounting processes and simplify data entry without complicated and expensive customization."

"Smart client technology is a perfect fit for streamlining accounting processes and offers a measurable lower Cost of Ownership," said Stefan R. Bothe, CEO of Flexi. "The smart client application model combines the power and flexibility of the rich client model with the ease of deployment of a browser-based model. Flexi is the first provider to offer a smart client solution for accounting processes."

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