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July 20, 2015 03:01 ET

flightright Publishes 2015 Scorecard of Airports and Routes With Most Delays and Cancellations: More Than 500,000 Passengers Affected

Passengers Preparing to Travel to a European Summer Destination From These US Airports and on These Routes Are Likely to Experience Delays and Cancellations; flightright Advises Passengers to Be Vigilant and, Should Their Flight Be Delayed, to Record the Actual Time of Departure, the Reason for Delay or Cancellation, and the Time That the Aircraft Door Opened Upon Arrival; Air Travelers Whose Flights Are Delayed or Canceled May Qualify for Compensation of up to $800

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 20, 2015) - flightright (, the company that fights for the compensation owed to passengers when their flights are delayed or cancelled, has published a list of airports and routes with the most delays and cancellations between the United States and Europe during the first half of this year. Travelers on these routes are likely to encounter flight disruptions during the busy summer vacation season.

flightright surveyed approximately 118,000 flights scheduled between January 1, 2015 and June 15, 2015. Of these, flightright found that more than 46,000 flights (39 percent) left the gate later than their scheduled departure time. About 1,300 flights (1.1 percent) were delayed by three hours or more, and an additional 1,300 flights were cancelled. The cancelled flights, as well as those delayed by more than three hours, may have qualified as many as 553,000 passengers for compensation through the European Air Passenger Rights Regulation 261/2004 -- a potential total claim value of as much as $443 million*.

 (flights delayed by more than 3 hours)

2015   2014
Dallas / Fort Worth   Charlotte
Chicago   Philadelphia
Charlotte   Washington
Las Vegas   Chicago
Denver   Dallas / Fort Worth
Orlando   New York
New York   Newark
Newark   Boston
Washington   Miami
Houston   Los Angeles

 (flights delayed by more than 3 hours)

2015   2014
Rome, Italy   Milan, Italy
Manchester, UK   Dusseldorf, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden   Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark   Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium   Rome, Italy
Dusseldorf, Germany   Zurich, Switzerland
Dublin, Ireland   Paris (CDG), France
Paris (CDG), France   Munich, Germany
Zurich, Switzerland   London (LGW), UK
London (LHR), UK   Dublin, Ireland


Newark   Zurich, Switzerland
New York   Paris (CDG), France
Boston   Stockholm, Sweden
Chicago   Brussels, Belgium
Washington   Manchester, UK
San Francisco   Munich, Germany
Dallas / Fort Worth   Copenhagen, Denmark
Denver   Dusseldorf, Germany
Houston   Dublin, Ireland
Seattle   Frankfurt, Germany


Chicago - Glasgow   Rome - Chicago
Houston - Paris   Dublin - Philadelphia
Chicago - Brussels   Barcelona - New York
Chicago - Dublin   Paris - Chicago
Chicago - London (Heathrow)   Frankfurt - Dallas / Fort Worth
Newark - Paris (CDG)   Milano - New York
New York -Paris (CDG)   Brussels - New York
Dallas / Fort Worth - Frankfurt   Frankfurt - Newark
New York - Zurich   Amsterdam - Newark
Chicago - Glasgow   Rome - Chicago

Five things to do if your flight is delayed
flightright recommends that passengers take the following steps whenever it looks like their flight will be significantly delayed:

1. Ask the gate agent for the cause of the delay. Was it weather-related or caused by a technical issue or crew staffing problems? Note the reason the airline provides and when it was given. Document any other pertinent information provided by airport or airline staff.

2. Record the time that you boarded the aircraft, when the aircraft pushed back from the gate, and when it took off.

3. During the flight, ask a member of the flight or cabin crew if they know what caused the delay. Document any information provided, who provided it as well as the time.

4. Upon arrival at the destination airport, note when the aircraft landed, when it came to a standstill, and when it docked at the gate or parking area.

5. Document the exact time that the first door was opened.

Which flights are covered by the EU regulation?
The passenger is either departing from any airport within the EU on any airline, or is flying into Europe with an EU-based airline. In addition, both the distance of the flight and the duration of the delay affect the amount of compensation passengers may be able to claim. This can range from 125 - 600 euros ($160 - $800) per person. Also -- very important -- you can file a claim up to four years after the flight took place.

Are Americans and Canadians covered by the EU regulation?
The European Air Passenger Rights Regulation 261/2004 and subsequent decisions of the European Court established minimum rights for passengers when they are denied boarding against their will or if their flight is cancelled or delayed by three hours or more. The law provides for U.S. and Canadian citizens and residents and entitles them to compensation from the carrier when their flights are delayed or cancelled on routes between North America and Europe.

How to file your claim for delayed/cancelled flight compensation
The easiest way is to visit and fill out a form in the Compensation Calculator. flightright will instantly provide details on whether the claim is worth pursuing. You will find more information in the flightright FAQ.

*These estimates are based on data analyses by flightright and passenger statistics provider CH-Aviation GmbH. The number of cancelled flights as well as the number of flights with a delay of more than three hours includes all affected flights, irrespective of the reason for the delay and cancellation (such as technical defects, strike, bad weather circumstances, etc.).

About flightright
flightright is a leading flight delay compensation service with extensive experience in dealing with airlines and winning complicated cases around the world. Flightright offers airline passengers travelers a simple and stress-free way to get the compensation they deserve, with minimal effort on their part. International travelers whose flights have been delayed can get hundreds of dollars in compensation by filing their claim at

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