September 05, 2007 08:00 ET

Fliqz Enables On-The-Spot Video Posting for Every Site With the Industry's First Video Encoding Toolbar

New Quikvid Video Toolbar Introduced for Microsoft Internet Explorer® Browsers

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - September 5, 2007) - Fliqz continues its mission to bring the power of video to every site and blog with the introduction of its new Quikvid Video Toolbar for the Microsoft Internet Explorer® browser. Today, many Web sites accept user-posted videos from third-party sites, but do not offer their own video capabilities. A user wishing to post a video must create a membership at a consumer video-sharing site, upload their video, wait for an embed code to become available, and then return to their original destination to post the video.

"This is a highly undesirable scenario for both sites and end users," said Benjamin Wayne, President and CEO of Fliqz. "Many visitors who leave will never return, and many sites who offer video embedding as a means of encouraging interaction and stickiness, are in fact, driving users away. The Quikvid Video Toolbar solves this problem for sites and end users alike, and provides a higher quality of playback and user experience than is available from any of the popular consumer video-sharing destinations."

The Fliqz Quikvid Toolbar provides a simple and intuitive interface that enables users to upload videos from their computers and receive an instant embed code in return. This embed code can then be posted into any of the sites, forums, blogs, wikis, e-commerce or auction sites that permit user-contributed video. Since the toolbar resides in the browser itself, users need never again visit a separate destination for video capabilities.

"The Quikvid Video Toolbar's on-the-spot embedding capabilities further support Fliqz' commitment to ease-of-use by helping users to rapidly upload the video of their choice," said Wayne. "At the same time, Fliqz is offering unprecedented portability to end users by allowing them to roam anywhere on the Internet while taking their video capabilities with them."

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Fliqz is the leader in full-service, plug-and-play video solutions. The company offers the most flexible video solutions available online, providing seamless integration and full customization to companies of any size. Fliqz eliminates traditional barriers to online video by removing the complexity associated with both site implementation and user deployment, ensuring that there is no code to develop, no infrastructure to own, and no software to maintain. The company maintains a customer network of more than 350 sites worldwide and is based in Emeryville, Calif. Additional information can be found at

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