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November 19, 2008 01:22 ET

FLIR Infrared Imaging Cameras Introduces the i60 and b60 Thermal Imagers to the AC Tool Supply Product Line

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwire - November 19, 2008) - With an already extensive line of thermal imaging cameras and devices, AC Tool Supply announced Tuesday they will bring on the new FLIR i60 and FLIR b60 line of FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras in the 4th quarter of 2008.

Christopher Mayes, Purchasing and Operations director from AC Tool Supply announced, "We just saw a perfect complement to our current line of thermal imagers in the i60 and b60. Combined with FLIR's market leading technology, our thermal imaging knowledge and custom leasing and rental programs, anyone can put one of these units into the field and start selling jobs with them, immediately."

The FLIR i60 features the latest in infrared detector technology. Fusion Picture in Picture (PIP) is displayed on a bright 3.5" LED multiple lamp display for high quality visible images. The i60 features a thermal Sensitivity of < 0.1°C @ 25°C, a temperature range of -4°F to 662°F (-20°C to 350°C), and a full 180 x 180 resolution (32,400 pixels) with a 25 degree by 25 degree field of view (FOV). Amazingly enough, FLIR packs all of this into an industry leading 1.3lb design making it the lightest hand held design for industrial thermal imaging applications.

The FLIR b60 features the same exact specifications as the i60, except it is more optimized for building envelope thermal imaging applications. The temperature range drops down to -4°F and goes up to 248°F to make way for an improved thermal sensitivity of < 0.08°C at 25°C. This makes the b60 a perfect fit for applications that demand the highest thermal sensitivity. "Many of our mold remediation, roofing companies, masonry contractors, building inspectors, water damage repair companies and anyone else that needs the b60's thermal eagle eye, will be very pleased with this unit," Mayes proclaimed.

During a usual luncheon at Tempe's Café Roma, Mayes stated, "FLIR is the leader in thermal imaging cameras, thermal imagers, and other infrared devices. That combined with their stellar customer service completely benefits AC Tool Supply and its customers. The most amazing advantage to me is how user friendly the FLIR units are. Once the customer is trained on the unit, they can easily recoup the initial expense in only a few jobs. Sometimes the unit has paid for itself in a single job. It is a truly amazing technology."

Both the i60 and b60 come with FLIR's unique LED head light design for brighter visible images even in dark spaces, as well as a laser pointer that shows up on both the target and within the view screen. An amazing new feature added to the i60 and b60 is the ability to have both the high and low temperatures easily identified and displayed right in the unit. Both units are also backed up with FLIR's 1 year warranty.

This news comes only weeks after FLIR announced a record setting 3rd quarter. Record for Revenue, Operating Income, Earnings per Share, Operating Cash Flow and Ending Backlog all showed significant gains. FLIR also announced the outlook for the remainder of the year, revising the range of its revenue and earnings per share outlook for 2008 to the upper end of the previous range.

AC Tool Supply offers the full complement of FLIR's hand held infrared thermal imaging camera line. Including the I Series, B Series, and the E Series. The FLIR EX320 infrared thermal imaging camera is the most affordable 320x240 resolution with video out hand held thermal camera on the market. The EX320 also comes armed with interchangeable optical lenses, as well as a high temperature setting that allows readings up to 2192 F. All of that while maintaining an amazing thermal sensitivity of < 0.08°C at 25°C.

The FLIR i40, FLIR i50, FLIR b40 and FLIR b50 are also offered by AC Tool Supply.

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