Krystal Walter Professional Matchmaking

Krystal Walter Professional Matchmaking

April 21, 2016 08:08 ET

Flirt With the Idea of a Real First Date... Like, Actually Meeting in Person

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - April 21, 2016) - Matchmaker Krystal Walter knows better than most that the modern dating game can be a confusing and frustrating place for singles. With the seemingly endless number of online dating sites, and the ubiquitous use of social media and texting, the landscape isn't as straightforward as it used to be.

"Dating shouldn't be a series of apathetic text or email exchanges," says Walter. "The biggest mistake singles are making is spending too much time online. It's time to get offline and actually meet in person. That's when the chemistry happens."

Walter offers the following advice for real, in-person first dates.

  1. Keep Pre-Date Texting to A Minimum

Once phone numbers have been exchanged, it can be far too tempting to start texting right away, before two individuals even met in person. If there is texting back and forth frequently, sometimes things can get too personal too quickly. If this happens, it's best to wait until the date to discuss more personal topics

  1. Take It Offline ASAP

"Pouring hours into an online chat session with a hot stranger might be exciting but also a huge waste of time" says Walter.

Holding feelings back and reserving expectations at the beginning can save a lot of hurt and disappointment in the end.

  1. Manage Your Expectations

Fifty-one per cent of singles admit to imagining a future together on their first date. With expectations that high, singles have to be ready to put their best foot forward on that ever-so-important first date. But they also have to be realistic.

One of the most difficult things about online dating is the disappointment that comes along with it. Things are not always what they seem from on-line to in-person.

"Not every first date is great. Just get out there and have fun in an attempt to find a relationship," says Walter.

  1. Games are for kids

If the date is hard to read, go ahead and ask where things are at. Whether it's good or bad, at least no one will end up worrying about it all week. Playing games is a waste of time.

  1. Forget about passé dating rules

There is no more three-day rule! Follow up after the date, keep in mind that 35 per cent of single women and 46 per cent of single men want a date to follow up the next day. Not sure if one should call or text? Singles are almost split down the middle, with 51 per cent saying it's preferred to call on the phone over a text.

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