March 04, 2010 08:01 ET Becomes Home Base for Online Shopping

New "Tag It" Feature Lets Shoppers "Flit" Between Items They Discover on Different Sites

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 4, 2010) -  Since launching just three months ago,, the first-of-its-kind online shopping tool that mimics the way people shop naturally -- by visiting their favorite stores, much like they would in a mall -- has changed the way retailers and shoppers interact online. Site upgrades that further streamline the shopping experience, combined with powerful word-of-mouth, have driven substantial site traffic growth and have made the site a home base for a growing number of dedicated "Flitters."

For shoppers, cuts navigation and search time by up to 80 percent, by doing in two simple clicks what otherwise requires remembering URLs and retyping search terms. According to the overwhelming feedback the Flit team has received from shoppers, retailers and industry analysts, this dramatic but simple difference has put the fun back in online shopping by making the experience more comfortable and easy.

Since launch:

  • "Tag It": This new feature lets shoppers capture any item in any store they come across while flitting and save it easily into their search trail. It replaces clunky alternatives like printing pages or battling with bookmarks. Items saved while flitting are marked by blue shopping bags below each store so they can be viewed and compared later. As always, busy shoppers can email a search trail link to themselves or friends to easily return to their shopping session later -- or to get a second opinion.
  • More categories: New apparel categories include designer and haute fashion, petites, swimwear, men's formal attire, and sporting-wear including yoga & pilates, while broader merchandise categories include everything from scrapbooking to skiing to cellphones. provides a carefully selected range of stores in each of these categories that specialize in the segment and provide quality shopping experiences across a range of price points.
  • More Stores: has expanded to cover over 400 retail sites based on suggestions and recommendations from shoppers while new sites are added daily.
  • Love from retailers: Retailers have enthusiastically embraced the model, as it leads shoppers through their thoughtfully designed brand experience, showcasing each site's customized product selections, images, and category knowledge.
  • Save time, save clicks: The team has observed many interesting click-through patterns, notably that time saved and ease of use have encouraged shoppers to explore a wider range of stores than they did previously.

About is a new online shopping tool that supports the way people shop naturally -- by visiting their favorite stores. The free tool simplifies the internet experience by letting shoppers enter a search once, then using that term to initiate a search in their favorite stores. The site provides patent-pending Go Search™ single-click search across more than 400 leading retail brands spanning 50-plus popular categories including fashion, home goods, jewelry, electronics, sports and gourmet foods. Visit the Web site at

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