June 08, 2011 08:00 ET

Flite Introduces Cloud-Based Advertising for Ad Networks

New Lineup of Products Brings Higher Engagement and Brand Awareness to Ads Delivered Across Networks

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jun 8, 2011) - Today, cloud-based advertising platform Flite announced the launch of Flite for Ad Networks, a line of products designed exclusively for networks to differentiate their offerings while providing incredible brand recall for their advertisers. The lineup of products includes Socializer Plus, Display Plus, and Display Plus Overlay; with each product designed to help networks quickly build and deliver dynamic units tailored to each advertiser's needs by combining real-time content from across the web. The new units deliver engagement rates that are ten times the industry standard for online display advertising, enabling networks to demand higher CPMs. Flite for Ad Networks was announced today at the IAB Innovation Days event on The Future of Display in New York.

"Too often, ad networks are forced to settle for extremely basic units because they lack the time and resources to serve engaging, rich media ads that are proven to perform better," said Will Price, CEO of Flite. "Our goal with our lineup of products is to give ad networks a way to differentiate their offerings, deliver better results, and demand higher premiums. By using Flite's platform, networks can now easily build interactive ads in a fraction of the time previously required, while increasing audience engagement and performance."

Ad networks choose Flite to help them overcome time and resource constraints to deliver interactive and compelling ad experiences. Networks often have less than 72 hours to turn around an ad unit, traditionally leaving rich media ad units out of the picture due to their high demand on resources for development. With the Socializer Plus, Display Plus and Display Plus Overlay ad units, networks can now offer dynamic ad experiences that can be built in less than a day:

  • SocializerPlus leverages real-time social web content and interactive content such as videos, forms and polls that allow brands to engage with potential consumers from within the ad units.
  • Display Plus combines the real-time and interactive features of the Socializer Plus, with brand creative assets that fade away to reveal the navigation bar, inviting consumers to interact with the ad unit.
  • Display Plus Overlay builds on both Socializer Plus and Display Plus while simultaneously viewing the interactive aspects of the ad.

"Working with Flite allows us to thrive in the custom ad solutions market without the time and cost of traditional bespoke ad development," said Greg Yates, Vice President of Marketing at InvestingChannel. "I see Flite as a strategic, long-term extension of my team that allows us to bring our creative ideas to life."

"Flite works with us to develop differentiated ad units to sell to our customers," said Chris Berman, Chief Operating Officer at Dedicated Media. "Having the ability to develop interactive mocks quickly to win new business has been incredibly valuable."

Flite makes it possible to easily create, serve, and measure ads that are as dynamic as the best websites and deliver superior performance over traditional display campaigns. Flite for Ad Networks leverages Flite's world-class backend analytics system to deliver insights far beyond a simple clickthrough rate, measuring engagement, time-in-unit, social metrics, and much more.

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Flite is a cloud-based ad platform that enables marketers to improve brand recall and purchase intent by leveraging real-time content. The Flite platform of Web based tools allows marketers to easily produce ads that express the power of their brand as effectively as their brand's own website. With Flite, marketers receive up to a 10x increase in ROI on their brand spend with ads developed in 1/10th the time. For more information, visit:

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