September 28, 2011 09:00 ET

Flite Launches FliteHub, an Online Marketplace of Ad Components Powered by Third-Party Services

FliteHub Is the First App Store Equivalent for the Display Ad Industry

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Sep 28, 2011) - OMMA -- Flite, the leader in cloud-based advertising, is pleased to announce the launch of FliteHub, an ad component marketplace. FliteHub enables brands to program display ads with the web's leading applications. FliteHub components deliver the best of the web directly in the ad unit, dramatically improving user engagement, brand recall, and purchase intent.

"Ad components are like apps for your ads," said Will Price, CEO of Flite. "It's game-changing for the advertising industry as it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for display. FliteHub launches with a palette of powerful ad components and an active stream of partners in the pipeline. These partners will leverage Flite to generate revenue and increase their exposure to some of the world's top brands. With FliteHub, brands are able to better reach their customers, and their customers benefit from a richer, more engaging web experience."

Flite's goal is to create an "App Store"-like economy for display advertising. FliteHub is an open platform where any third-party developer can create and distribute ad components. Launch partners include ePrize, MovieConnect, Mashery, Aditive, ChatID, Mass Relevance and TechTarget.

Flite's third-party partners see FliteHub as an innovative development in the world of display advertising:

ePrize (Matt Wise, CEO)
"Flite is taking the lead in the display space by enabling ePrize sweepstakes and instant win games directly in banners. When incorporating incentives in display ads, industry research shows a 91% increase in interaction rates. Our partnership with Flite is taking consumer engagement opportunities within ads to a whole new level."

MovieConnect by Aura Group (Dave Bailey, CEO)
"We developed MovieConnect as a flexible plug-in for agencies and rich media vendors to build movie showtime and ticket purchasing capabilities into display ads. We typically saw a two week turnaround time to integrate MovieConnect into ads. Now, Flite users can drop MovieConnect into an ad and configure it in minutes."

Mashery (Roque Versace, VP of Sales)
"Brands like Expedia and Best Buy are building Mashery powered APIs to make it easier to develop interactive applications that access their products and content. Flite provides another compelling reason for brands to build an API: display ads that feature their products and content."

Mass Relevance (Sam Decker, CEO)
"Our social media curation and moderation service outputs easily into the Flite platform as an RSS feed, but we see great value in packaging our service as a configurable ad component to make it even easier for brands and agencies to curate social content in Flite ads."

ChatID (Dan Herman, CEO)
"We see FliteHub as a great way for us to scale a new channel for our service. ChatID enables brands to communicate with their customers in ways and places not previously possible. We're building a Flite ad component so that brands can quickly and easily build chat-enabled ads and directly engage with customers in real-time."

Aditive (Todd Parsons, CEO)
"With FliteHub, users can quickly incorporate Aditive's social coupons and 'buy-with-friends' promotions into their display ads. This simplifies an otherwise time-intensive process so that brands can easily monetize social promotions across their media plans."

TechTarget (Jeff Ramminger, SVP, Products & Search Strategy)
"TechTarget has been leveraging Flite's cloud-based advertising platform in a variety of unique ways. Most recently we've worked with Flite to build a completely new approach to social engagement for IT professionals, TechTarget's Social Engage™. With this new custom component, we can support targeted and engaging two-way social discussions on key IT topics, and can integrate those capabilities with other content assets for a completely new and unique ad-based experience for IT professionals."

FliteHub launches today:

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