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Flix on Stix

September 02, 2010 14:37 ET

Flix on Stix Offers Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Independent Films and Games on Portable USB Drives

New Patented Technology in Self-Serve Kiosks Allows Customers to Download Virtually Unlimited Titles

CORONA, CA--(Marketwire - September 2, 2010) -  Flix on Stix (

After several years in research and development, Flix on Stix has announced that their compliance certification is in the final phase and upon completion they are ready to roll out their innovative kiosks to select markets to begin in the last quarter of this year.

Flix on Stix has designed and developed a revolutionary new method for delivery of movies and games that has vast superiority over traditional methods. The Flix on Stix system consists of self-serve kiosks -- soon to be located in shopping malls, retail stores, airports, hotels, convenience stores, and college campuses throughout the nation. Customers simply look up their desired title on the touch screen panel and insert their USB drive, and within seconds, their selection is downloaded either for rental or purchase.

"The Flix system will one day replace all DVDs, as they are expensive for the distributor, plus they are bulky and prone to scratches that cause playability problems for the consumer," states Bob Bienias, Managing Partner of Flix on Stix. "The Flix system allows digital content to be downloaded to a customer's USB drive, with no scratches or damage, no late fees, and no out-of-stock issues."

Since the Flix on Stix system uses dedicated web-based technology to deliver the content, there are never any titles that are out of stock. Unlike DVD rental kiosks or stores that often have issues with popular titles being unavailable, the Flix system guarantees 100% deliverability, 100% of the time.

The Flix kiosk allows customers to download movies and games to a small, portable USB drive, also known as a "thumb drive" or "flash drive." These inexpensive storage devices are able to receive a full-length movie in as little as 30-seconds. The customer can choose whether to purchase or rent the title -- for one low fee, and never incur late fees.

The movies can then be watched on any PC or MAC personal computer, or TV.

"Every once in a while, new technology is developed that revolutionizes an industry," Bienias commented. "Flix on Stix has that game-changing technology that will forever change the entertainment industry."

For more information, please contact Bob Bienias, Managing Partner, at (951) 220-6552 or toll free at: (877) 430-3549. To view a video presentation on the Flix on Stix system, please visit: