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August 07, 2008 05:38 ET

Floating Licenses Get S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D With OpenLM 1.5.1

KIBBUTZ GIVAT HAIM IHUD, ISRAEL--(Marketwire - Aug. 7, 2008) - A year after it was first released, OpenLM 1.5.1 confirms again what it does so well: "Stretching floating licenses to their limits"

Says Oren Gabay, OpenLM CTO, "Three years ago I looked for a web based license management application, that could deliver flexible and easy to use functions. When I could not find what I was looking for and at a price my manager would let me buy, I realized the need in the market."

Initially aimed at improving the usage capacity of ESRI floating licenses, OpenLM now offers support for any of the 3,000 vendors using FLEXlm license manager."

Gabay stresses the high cost to organizations when employees are sitting idle while waiting for licenses to become available. "The problem is license under-utilization in the absence of real-time data and active management control" he says. "Every moment a user waits for a license is a moment the company is paying for without any return."

Benefits in excess of its price

Following months of design and testing OpenLM was launched at a price one tenth that of comparable products. When asked how this was possible, Rachel Bahar, CDO, replies that a small team with a very tight budget knows how to avoid unnecessary costs and common mistakes. Rachel points with pride to the fact that OpenLM 1.5.1 has features far exceeding its cost to users. "It is a web-based application accessible from anywhere on the network, and it is also an active management tool allowing managers to view and optimize license usage in real-time," Rachel says.

Key new development

As of version 1.5.1 OpenLM automatically registers when a user has been denied a license and posts a notification to the user as soon as the license they require is released.

User feedback critical to effective product design

Doron Regev, company CMO, ensures that the company focuses on user needs at all times. For example user feedback played a major part in the decision to design the automatic agent distribution system.

Maximizing output of expensive resources

OpenLM has designed a practical, basic, no-frills floating license management tool with enhanced features that add value. There can be few comparable products on the market which squeeze the most out of every dollar spent on floating licenses like OpenLM.

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