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October 25, 2012 06:00 ET

Flood of Recent Glassing Assaults Across Australia Shows Urgent Need for Effective Responsible Service of Alcohol Training

Violent glassing assaults all over Australia have resulted in severe facial injuries, hospitalization and police inquiries. Despite the sudden prevalence across the country, glassing assaults are preventable. With more assaults occurring, the need for staff to undergo Responsible Service of Alcohol training has been highlighted. Glassing demonstrates that effective training for staff who work in restaurants, bars or clubs is imperative for public safety.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 25, 2012) - Glassing assaults have become a problem in bars, clubs and restaurants across Australia, highlighting the urgent need for all staff members who work with alcohol to receive the Australian Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate.

A teenager was arrested for his involvement in a glassing assault on October 13 in Wollongong, New South Wales, when an argument broke out between a group of intoxicated males. The victim of the glassing assault was treated for minor injuries to his face at the scene, and the other males involved have been arrested for reckless wounding.

A similar event occurred earlier in October in a Sydney hotel when a 52 year-old male was attacked with a beer bottle for trying to ease an argument between two intoxicated males. The victim suffered facial lacerations. In Melbourne, a male in his mid-twenties was the victim of a glassing assault and suffered serious facial lacerations and a nicked facial artery requiring surgery.

Glassing is a serious physical attack, which is especially problematic in bars, pubs and restaurants as beer glasses and bottles are readily available as weapons. Glassing has serious consequences for the victim, often resulting in extreme blood loss, eye injuries and permanent scarring.

Sylvia Brown, Director of RSA Online Now says, "There is little doubt that many glassings and other assaults that happen in bars are avoidable by ensuring that the patron does not over-consume alcohol. Our RSA certificate program helps by training bartenders and other alcohol servers to prevent these events from occurring."

Individuals who work in an environment where alcohol is served can only benefit from the course offered by RSA Online Now as it can help make staff more vigilant, protecting them from glassing assaults. Taking the RSA course can also prevent further glassing assaults from occurring, as the course teaches individuals about the problems of excessive alcohol consumption, the laws in Australia regarding alcohol, and very importantly, how to handle difficult customers.

RSA Online Now is an Australian owned and operated company that offers the RSA course completely online, so it can be completed at an individual's convenience. The RSA is a nationally recognized certification that will not only broaden an individual's employment opportunities, but can also help prevent further serious glassing assaults.


RSA Online Now - located at - is an Australian training company that is dedicated to teaching staff how to act in difficult situations and how to manage a variety of scenarios in a responsible manner. RSA Online Now is run by experienced individuals who have worked in the food and beverage industry for many years. The course is offered entirely online, so studying can be done at the individual's own pace and convenience. In addition to being able to complete the course online, RSA Online Now emails the certification upon completion of the test. The RSA Online Now test lasts an average of four hours, and individuals can pay upon the small fee required completion of the test.

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